Oct/Nov 2019, We got an information and detailed quote for the repainting of all the common area within our townhouse. Good schedule was presented. Competitive price for the work. Speaking with the representative (not the owner who turned out to be one of the painters), is what sold us to hire the company. They showed up on time. Did they do any prep work (wash the walls, prep the areas to safeguard our home, set up floor protection - tape anything - NOPE). Did they wear there work boots in our home while working - YEP. Were they quick - YEP. Did they have to return more than once to fix, redo, repair areas in our home - YEP. Did they do as promised - eventually. Was it of quality - Somewhat. We also hired them to do the refacing of our our upper kitchen cabinets. Did they arrive on time - Yep. Was the worker nice - Yep. Did he communicate well - Yes. Was he work finished on time as promised = Yes. Was ALL of the work that the company did of high quality - ABSOLUTELY NOT. Did we pay the on time, yes, so they would not come back. Would we recommend them - NOPE. Summary: The whole team worked hard. They were personable. They were not efficient. They seem to rush through the job. It felt like we were inconveniencing them. They came well recommended, but alas we cannot recommend them for the paint job is already showing the poor quality of paint or is it prep or is it work??? Je ne c'est pas?! The kitchen cupboards they refaced are already showing wear and tear. It seems like the coating they put on was too thin, Cheap material? Workmanship? We heard a lot of good thing about the company with regards to doing OUTDOOR paint jobs. Oh well, we tried to do our research and we went with our gut, FAIL ARMY :-(

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My garage door opener stopped working suddenly. I feared the worst. I utilized Home Stars to research a company to resolve this issue and selected Capital Garage Door Ottawa. I contacted Capital Garage Door Ottawa in the morning, I received an appointment the same day. I was given a 2 hr window for the appointment. I was contacted well within the the agreed upon timeframe by Albert. He contacted me and informed me that he would arrive in approxamitely 20-30. He arrived as scheduled. He listened intently to the issue at hand. He tested my garage door opener and quickly determined what was the problem. He listened to my questions and responded in a professional manner with all the information I was asking for. He let me know that my garage door opener only required minor repairs and he fixed it in no time. I was truly impressed that he did not try to convince me to buy a whole new unit. In fact he pointed out that after he completed the minor repairs, my unit would last for many years to come. He demonstrated how I could do some preventive maintenance to further the life of my garage door unit. He was informative, courteous and demonstrated an outstanding skill set. Summary: I would most certainly recommend you contact Albert for your Garage Door issues.

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After completing my research regarding the purchase options surrounding a Gas Dryer; all the search criteria I entered led me back to Canadian Appliance Source in Ottawa off Merivale Road. I am happy to state that I render an outstanding result in every facet in dealing with this establishment. The online information regarding the available products was accurate and informative. Upon my arrival to the establishment I was greeted by the staff and they immediately took the time to listen to my requirements and offer all available options. Summary: I highly recommend this appliance store.

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