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"This site was built for homeowners — and by providing the most trustworthy reviews, the reputable contractors reap the rewards."

Founder, Nancy Peterson

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HomeStars is a free service to help homeowners find reputable renovators, repairmen and retailers by searching its database of 2 million companies and hundreds of thousands of reviews. Homeowners write reviews based on their home improvement experiences – both good and bad. This builds a collective knowledge base that is invaluable in helping homeowners make better hiring decisions. We have now grown to be the leading online community of homeowners and home improvement companies throughout Canada.

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How we started

Nancy Peterson, Founder and CEO of HomeStars, learned about the challenges of finding reputable home service trades while doing an extensive renovation on her own home. As the effort to track down good contractors mounted, Nancy thought: “Word-of-mouth referrals from friends and neighbours are so helpful, but take so much time to collect. If only I could create an online source of reviews written by homeowners like me.”

HomeStars was launched to create an online community of homeowners who share their experiences in order to help each other find the best contractors, renovators and retailers. It also allows those same contractors to tell their story through photos and the words of their own customers.