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I recently installed a modern above counter bowl sink in my bathroom. Due to the diameter of the bowl, I wanted a wall mounted faucet that had at least a 7-8 inch spout and a single lever control in chrome. I imagined with the popularity of these sinks this product would be easy to find. After many hours of searching I had two options a tap costing over $800 or a Tec single leaver faucet from a web based company that works out of the UK costing just over $200. Having never ordered anything like this over the internet I was very concerned. I went as far as having my relatives in the UK call the company as well as some contractors. The company has an excellent on-line message service and their own Canada site. The messaging service answerers your questions (although you have to allow for the UK time delay) and emails you the full chat when they reply. The price they quote includes shipping and all taxes. The tap arrived by UPS 2 days early! It was in perfect condition and came with all the Canadian fittings and everything was as spec. I highly recommend this company even compared with local and US distributers the service is amazing and the discount prices are great!

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In the search for bathroom furnishing for a current renovation, I’ve looked at many stores all over Toronto as well as several on-line only stores. Some had very high-end fixtures but were lacking even basic customer services. I discovered Bath Emporium on the web. The store is what I would class medium size, so you wont get every item shown on display. What I like about them is their service. Call backs are immediate, my agent Kim, will even let me know when she is going to be away and give me another agents number just to make sure all my questions are answered. They are excellent at shipping items in and giving accurate delivery dates. Instead of trying to be the ‘middle man’ by just passing on information they will give me their contact at the manufactures so I can obtain the correct specs, etc. If you like the friendliness of a small family run store but want somewhere that not only has a great selection of products but can order almost any fixture at very reasonable prices than I highly recommend Bath Emporium.

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Thank you for your comments. Not sure when you visited our store last. But as of now (June 2012), we've grown to be one of the largest kitchen and bathroom showrooms in the entire GTA. We occupy more than 12,000 Sq.ft of space and have most of the items in stock in our huge warehouse.
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Had a few problems with this company. The store is very nice, and many of the sales and reception staff are friendly but the after-service care is far below what you would expect from a ‘high-end’ store so don’t be fooled. I ordered a $250 tap from them to sum up here are the facts: They lied about my delivery times (I confirmed this with UPS) They are slow to respond to calls and emails when there is a problem The manger does not reply to emails They do not check inventory, for quality, etc (I spent 3 hours driving back and forth returning a tap that was not to spec) They make it difficult to get a refund even when they know you do not have the product (I called them 3-4 times and sent emails, I was told they could not give me my money back, even though I never received the item) They put the emphasis on the client to do all the work- call couriers, check delivery times, check product, etc In the end I had to say I am within my legal rights to ask for a refund as they have broken the terms of the contract (by not delivering the tap within a reasonable time) and give them a step-by-step process of what they should do. Eventually I got my refund and this is all despite the fact that last year my renovation appeared in a magazine and I told the store it might be appearing again and they might be mentioned in the article. In the end I ordered my tap from a company in the UK it came two days early and was $30 cheaper than TAPS (including shipping and taxes)

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