Moved in the middle of April. He underestimated the amount he needed to move and suggested we use our own vehicle. Initially appeared charming but became an angry individual after his worker drove his truck into my garage/roof. He reassured me he would pay the repairs and has still not paid the repair company (and its been almost TWO months with a lot of frustration in agreeing on a company for repairs). Has not demonstrated integrity. Save yourself the headache and go with another company. **UPDATE** Austin read my reviews and said he would not pay the repair company until I removed the reviews.

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Company Response

Dear Malika, thank you for the fair and unfair reviews.
See I've read through your reviews and 75% your side of story were fabricated.
I have every proof of your mother's text messages and when she couldn't stop texting I ask her to STOP.
First of all your mother was hitting on one of our woke.
At Helping hands family movers
We DO NOT tolerate any form of harassment.
Secondly our mover showed her the scratches on the floor and on the wall.
She said to him it's fine that the house is an old house and they were very much aware of the scratches on the floor.
Again there's only one finger tip of dent done by our movers and Austin had promised to repair it.
When Austin contacted your mother for the repair she said never mind.
And again after 7days our eavesthrough company visit your house to access the damage done to your drainage we sent out two companies and one of them got back to us with a quote (everything is documented)
I contacted your mother to let her know that the eaves company was at her house and they are really to get it fixed the next day.
Again she said ( don't send anybody to touch my house without my permission.)
Then I suggested she find her company of choice that if the quote matches ours or less we will foot the bills.
She later sent an email saying she got the quote and it's 600$ then I told her it's higher than what we got.
Then she sent an email again saying it's under 300$ then I asked her to send the official company estimate.
Which she did then I asked her to go ahead.
1 week later she informed me that the drainage is fixed I told her to ask the company to invoice the company or contact me direct for faster payment
Up until this day the said company has not contacted me nor shahnaz herself.
I have also sent out the company's dispute resolution form which no one returned to us.
I will like to use this opportunity to ask whoever wrote this review to tarnish the hard reputation of this company and to pull him down withdraw it pending when we have reached a good pat.
Thank you and God bless.


I have tried to contact MSJ services several times without any response. I sought your car transport services March 27, 2017 and paid $1300 to have my car transported to Edmonton, AB. I have been dealing with Danielle, who has not responded to my messages or phone calls. We were told to drop off our car to the Brampton office by EOD Thursday, March 30, 2017 as MSJ affiliated company transport would be sending a truck the morning of March 31, 2017 for loading and send off that day. This was done on the morning of March 30, 2017 and a bill of lading was received. We were instructed to expect the car on Friday, April 7 as it takes between 6-8 days for transport. We have heard nothing from Danielle, and did our own investigation and were appalled to see our car still sitting at the transporters lot (Sokil) as of April 9, 2017 AM. I do not want to escalate this any further, however NO ONE has gotten back to me. I have been forced to rent a vehicle, which is only right of MSJ reimburses me for.

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Company Response

Spoke with dispatch and vehicle will be leaving this week..