Called and was quoted $75 for lawn ant spraying or $230 for carpenter ants which would require more "intensive" treatment. Made appointment for Thursday for the lawn ants, which was then cancelled and rescheduled for Friday morning at 7AM... at 7:30 they showed up, spent 10 minutes at the house, and issued an invoice for $230+tax. If you like bait & switch pricing, and paying your pest company more than your lawyer, call these guys up. To top it all off, when we tried to resolve the pricing discrepancy, was called by 3 seperate people, forced to repeat the entire story 3 times, and repeatedly told that I made a mistake and told that there was no $75 pricing (and later, in that same phone call, told $75 is for wasps?)... all a very frustrating experience. The strawberry on top of the cake is the treatment didn't work.

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Company Response

Hi Matt,

Our manager was speaking with someone yesterday with regards to this and was disconnected. She attempted to call back a couple times before leaving a message to continue the conversation. Please call us so we can make this right with you. We would very much appreciate that opportunity.

Thank you,

Pest Detective


We were in a tough bind -- our belongings where at a storage facility, and because of the summer season, lots of places were booked out. I called on Ferguson, and thankfully they were able to get us a truck and a crew of 4. The price quote for the move (from North Vancouver storage facility to west van single family house) was a bit over $2000... The job ended up taking 4 hours, including smoke breaks, from the time they got into their truck to go and get our stuff from the storage facility. Overall, we felt the pricing was very expensive given the length of the job.

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Company Response

Hi Matt, thank you for your business and taking time to post a review and being fair with giving us a 6 which I take that you were happy with the move just not the price. I reviewed your file and my manager did email you a quote on May 19th and we did the move on June 3rd. The price he quoted was the exact price that was charged. We also had to do work at the other movers warehouse that you possibly didn't see. If you still feel you were overcharged I will gladly talk with you further personally. We don't want you to be unhappy with our company. Either way, thank you again for your moving business and I wish you all the best in your new home. Warm regards, Lorne MacInnes, President, Ferguson Moving & Storage. 604-922-2212 DIRECT EXT 501