Called Convertible, they came on a Sunday (how's that for customer service!). Discussed in depth our needs, talked about efficiency, pay back, government rebates, different models, warranties, importance of installation, etc...I asked a lot of questions, and Michael was responsive and respectful. The price quoted was fair. Set an installation date. They came exactly as promised. They executed exactly as promised. They did a clean professional job (very important for me). Very Happy!

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Company Response

Thank you so very kindly for this review. We appreciate your support of our business.

From our family to yours, ...

Marnie Amodeo, GM
Convertible Heating & AC - 50 YEARS


Extremely happy with the work performed. We got multiple quotes for the work that we needed (Demolition, New drain, two Back water valves, Crack repair, Waterproofing, Sump pump). We decided to hire Aquamaster because Fedor was upfront with the potential challenges and risks the job could encounter, he was clear in his description of the solution, did not try to upsell and his quote was competitive. He has his own crew (not a fan of sub-contracting). Fedor was really patient and spent the time to answer all my questions during the job (at all hours of the day I might add). His crew was clean, professional and worked incredibly hard (lots of dirt, concrete, up and down the stairs, etc..). They were customer service oriented and they worked hard to ensure that I was satisfied in the end. Honestly, it's rare and hard to find this king of professionalism these days. These guys are gems. Thank you again. look no further, this is the crew you need.

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Company Response

Thank you for a great review. We work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied with the completed project. Thank you for noticing our hard working crew. Please don't hesitate to call us for any future projects.


Hired Dave this summer for a driveway sealing job. The quote was reasonable and he started working promptly. We had to pay in advance as we had leave before we could see the finished job completed. Dave told me not to worry, that he is a professional and everything would be done to my satisfaction... Well not quite. While I'm not a pro, it seemed to me that some cracks were filled but most were not, but it's hard to judge for me as I trust that Dave knows what needed to be done. The thing that really disappointed me was that a small patch of driveway was not sealed right in the middle. So we have this nicely sealed driveway (black), with a patch that was just missed (grey). I reached out to Dave multiple times to see if he come fix it, but each time he gave me excuses as to why he could not come to do the work. I tried him several times, waited over three moths, he promised that he would drop by multiple times but in the end he never did. He got paid 100%, but the job got done at 95%...too bad, it would have been a 5 minute job to fix.

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Company Response

Hello FM Im yet to hear from you. This is my 3rd attempt to reach you and trying to see what really is the issue. I've noticed on homestars that you placed another review to another outfit with the same rating 2. I have read there response as well and it seems your not willing to contact them as well. Also you have given them a 2. Im not sure why your not calling me or responding . I've been doing this for 30 years and take pride in what i do and will go out of my way to satisfy all my clients. I still dont know who this is or where this job is. Im convinced your review lacks the real truth or you would have called me by now. Anyways thank you for your review and hopefully I hear from you.
Cheers David

Hi there. Please excuse me for not calling you by your first name . Based on the information you wrote as your name was review by FM

I am shocked to to hear and what I just had read . I don't know even who you are or your name or where this job is.?

So I'm not going to make any comments at this time until I have more information and details .
This is my second attempt in reaching out to you so please get back to me as soon as possible so we can solve this matter and move on
I have been waiting for 4 days so far and yet no response
if you are concerned and really disappointed you would have called me or emailed me back by now.. As soon as you posted this review I responded within a couple of minutes you posted this reviewposted this I responded within two minutes after and you did not respond.

Please call me at the office at 416-841-8072 or via email and let's see what we could do if there is something serious that needs to be attended which I doubt very much

Thank you FM have a wonderful day and I wait for your response before the long weekend


Finally getting around to writing this review. Bottom line: Don't waste your time, there are tons of other tile places to choose from. We had 2 issues: countertop and backsplash tiles. In mid-November 2014, we just had our brand new kitchen cabinets installed and now it was time to install a new quartz countertop. We decided to shop for a CNC cut Ceasarstone countertop. After getting a few quotes, we decided to do business with Keramin because they had guaranteed that we could get 2 joints (most other folks quoted 3 joints) and while their quote was slightly higher, it was competitive. One of the the installers came to take the measurements, he was polite and friendly. Everything went well until the day of the installation when one of the countertop pieces was cut too big and they were not able to get it in the house (we have a 2200 sqft house with a decent size kitchen). The installers were very kind in trying to find a solution together, but the only real solution was to either cut a new piece (and get 3 joints) or take apart the kitchen that had just been newly installed. When I called the owners at Keramin to discuss how to solve the issue, they told me that I had to pay another a few hundred dollars for the new stone piece. When I refused to pay more for their mistake (they had my $1,250 deposit), they said that it was my fault because I did not want to dismantle my new custom kitchen (really!). I even called the kitchen cabinet company to discuss the possibility of removing some of the cabinets to fit the countertop (I was willing to do it if it were possible) . The kitchen cabinet company told me that it would be a grave mistake and they had never heard of such a thing in 40 years in business, so we dropped the idea. We went back and forth for several days (costing me more because I had booked other trades that were waiting for the kitchen to be finished to do their work). In the end, after unnecessary stress, back and forth, heated exchanges and wasted time, Eddy agreed to pay for the piece. When the installers came back, they did a good job overall and were very polite and apologetic. The countertop looks good and they did a really nice job with the joints. After this ordeal, we decided to give Keramin a second chance and buy our backsplash tiles with them (fool me twice...yes I know). When we received the delivered tiles, we noticed that they were different then what we had seen on display in the store and unfortunately the color did not work anymore. When we discussed the issue with them, they got very aggressive (we had now become annoying customers) and told us that it is normal and tiles will look different depending on the batch. To avoid anymore pain, we just payed the restocking fee and returned the tiles and were disappointed again. In the end, I give Keramin a generous "2" mostly because the installers did a good job and were a pleasure to work with. The real problem was with the owners.

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Company Response

Hey Fabien
How you been, it has been a long time, it is interesting why it took you almost 2 years to write a review.
Thank you for your review and for your acknowledgement of our process and capabilities with our custom fabrication work and emphasizing that we have a very polite and skilled and professional team of installers, trying to work around the surprises that you made for us a day before the install and after the final template.
We are able to do many things that other companies cannot, such cutting, installing and fabricating a whole kitchen with minimal seams when others cannot, which is made possible by CNC operation. I will share with the readers the below information to understand the scope of work you had with your kitchen design to have an idea of the precision and accuracy of our skills which was provided to you; your total square footage of fabrication and installation was 45.5 sq ft, if any one knows Caeserstone slabs come 120x56 = 46.6 sq ft of raw material, so imagine how we BEAUTIFULLY fabricated for you 45.5 out of it, NO WASTE, even thou you had a U-shape kitchen design.
Furthermore, UNLIKE most companies’ out-there who would reject doing your work when we arrived to project site instead of rejecting the installation and charging you for it, due to these unforeseen circumstances and with no prior notice, we decided to take upon this challenge and complete the install for you. However after trying many solution and ways of doing the installation, it was impossible.
How can you make adjustments and additions to cabinets after a final template has been made?!!!
( seriously?!!)
Suddenly the entry point to your kitchen has changed, which does not allow such whole solid piece of quartz.
Further after we went ‘above a beyond’ to help you with other proposed resolution, you decided to threaten us with a claim to the courts, which makes absolutely no sense, as we had all the rights to behave and act as indicated on each invoice with policies and responsibilities.
And again our approach was a very courteous gesture on our end to help you save the frustration, time and money you would spend to try taking that route.
Regarding the backsplash; you have selected a marble after we have advised repeatedly about the inconsistencies it naturally has, which some people love, but not you. PLUS you took a sample to confirm you like it.
Therefore when you had received your order, you had the arrogance after-all to reject it and hold us accountable for this when we requested a minimal restocking, processing and handling charge, just as any Solid, professional and reputable company would.
In any case, I am happy that you are enjoying your counters and once again thank you for letting us know how we can avoid such issues and learned how to deal with certain customers such as yourself, in order to have future success.
Sincerely Eddy and Keramin Team