Instead of re writing my story I am just copying the email i sent to Goemans about this problem. I just have to say wow. What a disappointment. 8 years ago my wife and I bought over 5000 dollars worth of appliances from you, including a new BBQ. A few months ago that barbeque died. So the first thing we thought was that we should go back to Goemans and buy another. So we did that. I paid over a thousand dollars for a new Napolean barbeque. I was told it would be assembled and delivered. The barbeque was delivered on time. Since it was "professionally" assembled I made the assumption that I could hook it up to my existing natural gas line and start it up. So I did that. Then I found that the natural gas hose which is connected to my existing non leaking quick disconnect was not tightened at the barbeque end. I was a little annoyed but I went and got a wrench and tightened the loose fitting. I used the barbeque and everything seemed fine. I shut off the gas at the quick connect when I was done. This weekend I had a party so we had the barbeque on for food. At least 4 people commented on the fact that they could smell the gas after the barbeque was turned off. So we shut off the quick connect to avoid the complaints. Before I went to bed I turned on the quick connect valve. The next morning there were about 2000 flies crawling on my back deck around the barbeque. I could smell natural gas. I turned off the gas at the quick connect valve and went to work. My wife called and said a half hour later all the flies were gone. I called Goemans customer service department and was told I couldn't get a service call because I didn't have a serial number with me! Seriously?! What does that have to do with anything? I did not assemble the barbeque. Napoleon did not assemble the barbeque. Goemans assembled the barbeque! So I call back today and have to explain the situation to a different girl in the customer service department. She actually has the gall to ask me where in the barbeque is it leaking? If I knew where the thing was leaking I would fix it myself. I didn't assemble it, I don't have assembly instructions, so I am not going to take it apart. The girl was adamant that I tell her where it was leaking. So finally I asked her if she expected me to take it apart. Then she put me on hold! Then she asked me again to pinpoint where it was leaking! I then got very upset and and told her I was not going to take the barbeque apart. Then she finally agreed to call to set up a service call. Then she didn't even ask me for the serial number that I was told was necessary to do so. So now I have wasted 24 hours. Now I get a call back saying I have to call Napoleon! You people can't be serious! I did not put this thing together. Your assemblers messed this up and you are passing the buck!! I don't have time to disassemble this thing to trouble shoot it! This barbeque is less than two weeks old and has been leaking natural gas from day 1!! I called in sick to work today to figure this out because my wife is extremely upset about this natural gas leak. I have just finished the leak test that Napolean requested and I have found that YOUR assemblers did not tighten 3 hoses!! 3 HOSES!! really? That's just ridiculous.

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I cancelled this service at the end of last season because to be quite frank, my lawn looked worse at the end of the year, than it did the year before. The weeds were growing out of control. The workers who sprayed my lawn were about as knowledgeable as my baby finger. At one point, my lawn was so full of weeds, we tore half of it up and reseeded. A few days later Hometurf showed up and said we had a grub problem!! At the end of the season i had had enough so I cancelled. A few months later I got the notice of the early bird special. I called and cancelled again. I came home a few weeks ago and found that my lawn had been sprayed against my wishes. After two cancellation phone calls, they came to my house, without calling in advance and sprayed my lawn. I had just put down a good strong fertilizer a few days previous. Now I have a bill for a service i cancelled twice. And a lawn that could have been burnt due to Hometurfs negligence. Save yourself the hassle, don;t deal with these people

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Company Response

Hello, We are always happy to help if you have any questions throughout the season, however, we never heard anything from you through all of 2011, if you had let us know that you were not satisfied with the weed control we would have gladly re-sprayed any remaining weeds for you. Unfortunately, the program was never cancelled and that is why we returned in the spring of 2012. The situation however, was rectified by our customer service staff to your satisfaction on June 11th after you spent ample time directing profanity towards them.