We are very happy to have met Abed! In a newly renovated dining room, new drywall and paint done by another professional painter, we had issues with the paint job in the 1st week; visible fingerprints, and smudges. We tried to clean and then touch up the areas, making it worse of course! As it was a matte finish we figured the sheen level was the reason and would have to re-do the entire job in eggshell. We reached out to Abed and he was happy to talk to us about sheen and taught us that the matte finish may dry quickly but can actually take a long time to cure. He came over quickly and re-painted one wall for us. Such a small job for him but makes a big difference to us. It fixed the issue! We can now enjoy our new dining room without seeing the issues. When we move on to other projects we'll be calling him back. Very pleased!

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Thank you very much for the kind words Beth, highly appreciated! It was a pleasure working with you and I definitely look forward to assisting you in any future projects.

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We had completed a paint job ourselves on newly installed drywall in our dining room. It didn't turn out, was visibly patchy. Massimo came quickly, took a look, gave us feedback on our application method and paint sheen. We went and got more paint, he painted over the problem paint job that day. We noticed a lot of roller fluff in the paint, when I reached out he responded to my message immediately. Then came back quickly, did a sand and another coat. Problem paint job solved! Which is exactly what we wanted.

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Hello Beth,
Thx you for the review, we strive to do our very best for our clients,
Thx for choosing us for your toronto painters, painters toronto.


Used Yorkdale to replace subfloor and all hard wood on main floor and upstairs of a 100+ year old home. Purchased custom Husky solid maple flooring. Sales person was good enough to get our order in a timely manner so that we could have the product to do the install done between our closing and move in dates. Arranged for delivery at just the right time. The installation and flooring itself is not good. The installers we used were recommended by Yorkdale (Bill & others). We also used the installers to change a closet door opening from one room to another and install new sliding doors. There are gaps all over the floor, both between the ends and sides of the flooring strips. There are so many the installer went and got custom coloured filler to patch areas; including the transition right in the middle of the door from the kitchen to the living room. The floor is not smooth/flush and when walking one can feel every wood strip beside the other. Looks okay from a distance but feels awful. If I had the $ I'd rip it all out and get it totally re-done. The transition from the floor to the stair well is a different colour and the gap is so large that debris catches in it on an ongoing basis. The floor still squeaks in many places despite the new subfloor. That could be the old joists but when I brought it to their attention they said they don't know why it squeaks. They did the subfloor install correctly. The installers also trimmed the bottom of the exterior front door as the new flooring is higher than the old. The gap at the bottom of the door is uneven and too high so now I have to repair/install a new transition and weather stripping. The installers went past the agreed upon deadline. The day before we were to move in we had hired a cleaning crew, which they installers knew prior to quoting the job. They were still installing throughout the 2nd floor and the cleaners couldn't do their job. They offered to reimburse us but that's not the point. They knew about the deadline, we reminded them throughout the project the and they didn't give us notice they wouldn't be done on time until the night before. Too late to cancel the cleaners and the point is and we wanted a cleaning crew before we moved in. On the day we were moving in (truck and movers and everything) they were still working on completing flooring and the closet. I had to text when the movers were 10 minutes away so they could vacate the house. While they were waiting for us to arrive at the house they, to do something nice for us they said, they unpacked and assembled our new patio furniture. Only they didn't use the washers or all the bolts and used the wrong ones in places. They also stripped the bolts so we couldn't remove them. Had order an entire new set of assembly hardware from the manufacturer for a brand new patio set. More work for us. They had to keep coming back throughout the next couple of weeks to complete the closet project. Therefore we had to keep all our furniture wrapped in plastic due to plaster and drywall dust. Including wrapping our bed on a daily basis. As for the delays they said there was one day they were down a person and another day they lost time because they blew hoses on their nail guns and had to go buy more. They also asked for additional payments during the install to buy more supplies. Not more money overall, but more frequent payments. They mentioned that they were going above and beyond (coloured filler etc) to "make me happy" and that they were taking a hit from their bottom line. Had they priced out the job properly that wouldn't have been an issue. I did walk throughs with the installers about the gaps and uneven install and the response was that it's the milling of the floor and that even the side by side un-even planks would be acceptable as under-overage by the manufacturer. ??? I emailed my displeasure to the store and their reply was that they were sorry to hear I was unhappy. Nothing more. They did pick up the 3 unused boxes and refunded the $ for those however. Not enough to make up for my experience. I'm still stuck with the flooring. They installers cleaned up well after themselves and were pleasant enough but the quality of the install (and/or the product) and the fact that they were way over the deadline, and didn't adhere to the payment schedule makes me not give a good review.

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