Tony and his team were courteous, reliable, did meticulous work and cleaned up after themselves. Tony advised us before proceeding with the job that the area in our basement where there had been tile for decades might show a checkered pattern once they polish the concrete. The mortar stains the concrete all the way through so it can't be polished out. In our situation it did. Our advise to anyone wanting the polished concrete look be mindful that the state of your concrete ultimately decides the end result. Tony and his team are outstanding but they can't change the concrete.

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Company Response

Thank you Alex for taking the time to write a review and sharing with everyone compliments about our team


Cozy World replaced our furnace and A/C unit the summer of 2017. We have had no issues with the heating but have some challenges with the A/C unit itself. Boris and his team have been very prompt and successful at resolving them. There are many companies out there to choose from when it comes to this type of service. For us having Cozy World there to offer reliable services after the work is complete for years to come is what makes them stand out from the rest. Thanks for keeping us conformable Cozy World.

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Dear Alex,
Thank you very much for your understanding. The first heat wave just like the first cold snap is very challenging in the home HVAC business. We do get overwhelmed for a few days. Thanks again for understanding.


Response time was prompt. Service person was polite and informative. Work was completed to our satisfaction, stoped the rapid leak. Cost was in my opinion quite high for 45 minutes of work. Certainly not the cheepest company in town but efficent.

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Hi Alex, One of the benefits of doing business with us, is that you get a guaranteed price before we start any job. That price does not change no matter what. This allows us to focus on providing superior customer service. Things like answering the phone, being on time, arriving quickly, being super clean, and super efficient. I know plumbers who charge by the hour, and for things like assessing your problem, talking to you about the solution, going to the supplier, getting tools, doing the job (slowly), and cleaning up. This would make the price come out to the same or more, but the fact that they took twice as long gives you the illusion that you got your moneys worth. The price that you paid is the fair price for the job. We just think that by focusing on being super organized and having highly skilled staff that allows us to operate more efficiently is something our customer would prefer. What would you prefer, slow service same price or fast service same price? Thank you for your business, Happy Holidays, and we do hope to serve you again in the future! Austin Tsakopoulos

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