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Cartridge Replacement

I had a problem with the hot water stream in my shower. After reading some websites I understood that I probably need to replace the cartridge in my shower faucet.
I found a good review about this company on some online forum and I decided to contact them. I got a quick response and I was provided with a quote. I booked the appointment hoping that this will be resolved quickly. Unfortunately, although the plumber did arrive and was able to pull out the cartridge he couldn't identify it or find a replacement. He suggested using CLR to clean it, which unfortunately, didn't help. After several weeks of hunting I eventually was able to find a replacement, it was a Canadian Company - Riobel, who was the manufacturer of the faucet. I am giving them 7 and not 10 because of the knowledge gap. I would expect for Canadian plumber to know Canadian manufacturers.

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Company Response

Hi, thank you for your feedback. No, that is right, we would never recommend CLR. It never solves the problem, so we are glad that you found the cartridge. When there is a name on the plate or/and the homeowner knows the name of the faucet, we always recommend to call the manufacturer and ask if they can help. That is the most efficient way to get the problem solved because they will send a replacement cartridge, sometimes even for free. Some of the time, if the name is on the plate, or there is no name, it can be really tricky to get the cartridge since we cannot always find it in suppliers or the cartridge is really expensive. So in some cases we recommend to the customer to change the faucet as a solution. There are different approaches and it is up to the customer to decide which way to take. We always aim to find the best solutions. It was a pleasure to assist you with the service, A and Y Team.