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traviswinter in Ottawa
traviswinter in Ottawa
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Windows and Outside Door - GreenOn Rebate

UPDATE: After posting this review I was contacted by Verdun in the hopes I would consider giving them a second chance, to make up for the terrible experience we had before. We were hesitant at first but ultimately decided to try again. The experience this time has been better so far, though Covid-19 has caused the installation to be delayed. We are rescheduled and I will update the review after it is complete.

Before getting into my review, I will state that it has been about 7 months since our last dealings with Verdun. We were also dealing with them during the GreenON debacle they went through, so things may have changed; though looking at other reviews it does not seem so.

We started the process in March, 2018 after getting quotes and eventually signed on for 10 windows (the GreenOn rebate applied to 10) plus an outside front door. By the time all of the work was done it was June, 2019. The crux of the issue was the fact that they would not install the door until after the GreenOn cut-off date was ironed out. Then it simply was a comedy of errors from first ordering the wrong window, then the correct window cracking during the install, and eventually a door squeak due to an improperly installed door.

So, rather than get into the details, here are the highlights:

Sales: 6/10
The salesperson we dealt with was nice and seemed very responsive to any requests we had. He even gave us some discounts that we were not expecting. The issue was that he barely ever responded to calls or e-mails. It would take several calls to get him and that was if you didn’t go above his head first.

Installation Coordination: 1/10
The installation manager seemed to have her own fluid calendar outside normal space-time. She would give dates, then after we would call she would have different dates. She would tell us that we were getting the most experienced installers only to have people 2 weeks on the job (fresh out of their training course). She wouldn’t even give us a time for the actual door install until we reached out to Alec (the Service Director) directly.

Installation: 10/10
Installation process was rock solid. Installers, though junior, did a great job and the best part was a manager would come out and verify that everything was done correctly. The only issues we had was when the installation coordinators would forget to get the right stuff assigned for the job (eg. correct flashing). Even the installers that came for the repairs did an amazing job.

Product: 10/10
We got the new Revocell windows after a lot of research and we really enjoy them. They don’t seem to keep much more noise out than a regular 2-pane window but they definitely keep the heat in and feel like quality.

Customer Support/Repairs:9/10
They were great except I called in once with two issues and they only sent someone to repair one issue. After a phone call they arranged another time and everything was fixed super professionally.

Management (Alec): 7/10
After a lot of arguing eventually I settled on speaking directly with Alec though he is quite busy. He did get things moving along and addressed a number of concerns initially. He straight up admitted they stretched themselves too thin for the GreenOn rebate and they would not be out from under the backlog until June, 2019. Eventually I feel he kind of gave up on us as there were just too many problems with the door and told us that “it will be done at the end of the day”. It took 5 months but the end of the day did happen as he said, we were just not happy with the wait.

Overall I would give Verdun a 7/10. I have spoken with some neighbours that have had work done with them and it seems they have hit their stride again. It was very disappointing for us, as we were looking forward to the “Verdun Experience” we had heard about but it was just agony dealing with the office. It's a shame too since we have an additional set of seven windows to do this year and a large patio door but are now forced to look elsewhere. We had such a difficult time dealing with them that we will not use them again.

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Company Response

Good Mr Winters
We do apologize for this unfortunate series of events
Please note our customer care specialist will be in contact with you shortly

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