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Air conditioner maintenance

I began hearing a new sound in the basement from my air conditioner last week. As owner of this house for 30 years, I have learned to be suspicious of new noises. They are seldom good news.
I called Northwood Heating and Air Conditioning, explained the problem and that I was still getting cooling, but that I would appreciate a service call in the near future. (I didn't want to take time from the emergency calls for those people whose systems had broken down. As well, being in Scarborough, I was aware that a service call was more efficient for their technicians if they already had other calls in the area.)
On Monday of the very next week, I got a call asking if I would be home on Tuesday afternoon. Now that is really quick service for what my needs were during a July heat wave.
John, the technician I see most often at my home, spent an hour checking everything out, topped up the coolant in the system, assured himself that there was no leak, and explained the cause of the noise that I had heard. I felt reassured about the integrity of my air conditioner and the validity of the adage that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." I am confident that I won't see a weakening or a breakdown of the system this summer.
Thanks to Gary, Mike, and John for continuing excellent customer relations and product service over the years. You guys are the best.

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