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Alan from Toronto
Alan from Toronto
8 reviews Toronto, ON

Terrible and they don’t adhere to their own contract terms

As per Enercare contract, customers are responsible to ensure the maintenance of their appliance with Enercare is performed. As part of the maintenance listed in the GSW water heater manual and/or widely known otherwise, is that the anode rod must be inspected regularly and should be changed at most every 5 years, much more often if you have softened water. This is to ensure water safety, prevent corrosion of other internal metal parts amongst other benefits.

I called and made it clear I wanted the Anode rod replaced as my tank was 4 years and 9 months old. I told the call-taker to ensure it is noted for the technician to have the anode rod for my model water heater for the appointment. The call-taker said he did. The technician called me on his way to my place and when asked, he said he did not have the anode rod. I told him there was no reason to attend.

I again reviewed the Enercare contract to terminate the contract by me and it stated I must buyout the water heater using the buyout schedule on their website. The buyout schedule listed for my CV50 water heater between 4 - 5 years old was listed at $969.00.

I called Enercare and the lady advised it would be just under $1200.00 plus HST. I told her their contract and buyout schedule on their website states $969.00. After not agreeing with me I asked to speak to a supervisor. After being on hold, the same lady returned to the call and said she was sorry, made a mistake and I was correct that it was $969 plus tax for a total off $1094.97. She asked if I still wanted to go through with the buyout and I said yes. She said she would get my confirmation number and pout me on hold. After being on hold for a short while, the line went dead.

I called back and now was speaking to another lady. She told me the other person did not make any notes on my file and she did not initiate any buyout as I agreed to prior to the line going dead. This different call-taker put me on hold and came back with a buyout of $1188.00 plus tax. I again advised that the Enercare contract and buyout on their website stated $969.00. She said NO. I asked to speak to a supervisor. After being on hold for 24 minutes, the same lady came back on the phone, not a supervisor. She said she spoke to a supervisor and said there was nothing they could do about the price, it was $1188.00 plus tax. I said no, they are going against their own contract terms. She said she will have someone call me back in the future. So after being on the phone for a total of 1 hour and 10 minutes, I still could not cancel the contract by buying out my water heater as per the terms of THEIR contract.

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