Brick and Stone Flatwork - Repair in Whitby, ON

A cracked stone walkway can become a tripping hazard if not repaired - we recommend hiring a home service pro, as this job requires technical skills to remove the old mortar without damaging the rest of the stones.

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Published: 11/21/2020
It was the right choice! I’m totally satisfied with great job of Avanti landscaping company: Highly professional approach, Great organization of process, Flexibility in pricing Attentive to the costumers needs Extensive warranty
Published: 06/20/2020
As indicated in my review last year, I had Art back this year to seal the backyard as well as re-level some stones. We have a pool in the back and so the space was large. As expected,...
Published: 06/13/2020
GTA sealing provides a quality service for interlock cleaning and restoration. Art came out and gave a quote for power washing, polymeric sand, and sealing. The job was completed over 3 separate days and I paid exactly what was quoted....