I would highly recommend working with Dan. He was very professional and worked with our budget to make our dream backyard a reality. He communicated well, which helps with the process if you're not around. He communicated to us the difficulties with material during these times but didn't make excuses. We tried working with other contractors but they kept delaying us with the most riduculous excuses. We went through delays for over a year and a half. Dan came in and saved the summer! I've attached before and after picture to show the amazing work by DPM Contracting.

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I used Eco Choice because it was recommended by my realtor. Their prices were very reasonable and they carry quality windows. However my experience wasn’t completely without its problems. When the sales person, Gabriel came the first time, about 8 month before we decided to get the windows done, he had offer to also improve the look of our faux window. We decided, like many people, to do our windows right after we found out about the rebate program and reached out to Eco Choice. They came back, gave us a great quote. We were very excited. I reminded Gabriel about the faux window he had mentioned 8 months prior and the said they would would take care it with aluminum siding. All I remember hearing was the first “sales pitch” that they would improve the look. The installation date came, long weekend in May. The scheduled Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They came Thursday and Friday but not the Saturday. Came back the following week but still didn’t complete the installation. We had to point out missing caulking and try to book them several times to comeback and finish. On one of the visits back, a different installer, told us the patio door were installed incorrectly. When I called to complain they said that wasn’t true and that they purposely had placed the that way until a piece of door was replaced since it was defective. At this point I was very upset and for called them out on something they failed to mention to us, as the patio door was a potential safety hazard. I was also concerned since I recommended them to the neighbours. They finally came and finished the windows but the supposed improved faux window is really not what I was expecting. I asked them to remove it since I don’t think it’s an improvement, kind of more like an eyesore (picture below, black side is what they did). When they came they said it would not remove cleanly to wait a bit longer. We are now at the end of September and both my neighbours got their windows installed. No one has reached to me about the referral bonus, another “sales pitch” promise unfulfilled. I think they could have done better and wish they had.

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Company Response

Hello Lilian,

Thank you for the feedback concerning your project. We understand that our team has been working hard to have everything brought up to your standards. We would like to address all your concerns that you have mentioned in your review:
- Both our office and installation crew made several attempts to book the service for the caulking, but no one was available on the weekends. As you mentioned the rebate program was in full affect when your installation occurred and weekends were reserved for services and measurements.
- The same installation crew brought to our attention the day of your install that there were several manufacturer defects with the patio door including paint, and the cut of the door being incorrect. This was followed up by pictures to our office, which in turn were forwarded to the manufacturer.
- The manufacturer's representative was the second person to come to your home and he confirmed that the door was manufactured incorrectly, which was replaced by the manufacturer.
- We are sorry to hear that the faux window was not up to your vision of the aesthetics of your home, we did, however, finish the exterior up to industry standards.
- Lastly, our cheques are mailed out at the end of the month and referrals are paid once the referred job has been installed and their accounts have been paid in full.

Again we would like to apologize for your negative experience with us, if you would like to discuss your file further, please contact us 416-690-9992.


I hired Infinite Possibilities to redo an existing walkway. They did a great job. Offered several price combinations as I didn’t know how much things cost and what would work with our budget. They did the work well and even when I changed my mind, worked with me. The process was fairly simple and Keith was great. I would recommend and use again.y

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