We hired Dave for a post-sale home inspection so we know how the upgrade and maintain our new home going forward. He was very thorough and thoughtful in his assessment of our house and he put together a very helpful report that we will refer to for years to come. As new homeowners we had lots of questions that he was very patient with. He provided assessment on what needed to be done right away and what could wait as well as referrals to other companies for the work that needs to be done. You can tell he loves his job and wants to make sure his clients are fully knowledgeable about their new house. Would recommend.

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I hired Clean My Space to do a pre-move in clean. Three cleaners were there for 4 hours. Not sure what they did aside from some light wiping as the house wasn't thoroughly clean. When we looked to see how things were cleaned after the service we found the floors still so dirty that my feet were dirty after walking through the house. There was gunk left in the fridge and around the sinks. There was gunk stuck on the door handles and in the dishwasher. There was even an old napkin left in the kitchen cupboards so they must not have even been opened. Easy things that should have been done. While the washrooms looked clean at first, we later found caked on crud under the faucets that came off on our fingers, so while they did a surface wipe they obviously didn't do a proper clean. When I followed up to complain about the service I was told that while I ordered a move in clean, because we had painted 3 rooms and the kitchen cupboards before the service, they considered it a post renovation clean. I was told that because I hadn't booked a post-reno clean or told them about my plans to paint when I booked my service, it was my fault expectations weren't met, not theirs. I don't know who would consider some light painting a renovation, but none of their cleaners brought this up at any point during the visit to explain the parameters had changed and what I should expect. The company also said they hadn't cleaned some things because paint was still sticky on the kitchen cabinets, which it wasn't, as verified later by my painter. And even if it was, how does sticky cabinet paint in one area prevent you from cleaning the sink, the fridge, the floor or the doorknob in another area? The company also said they didn't clean thoroughly because I hadn't provided the right cleaning supplies but I bought and provided every item on the list they gave me. The company also said that some of the gunk I found and sent pictures of was permanent stain and they shouldn't be expected to remove it, but I was able to clean everything I sent photos of off myself, with the same supplies I provided. Poor excuses for a poorly done job. After a week of back and forth with the company (during which time I recleaned the entire house myself since I was in the middle of a move and it needed to be done), and after the company talked to my painter to verify the paint they said was sticky was indeed dry, they finally offered me a $200 refund on my $500 cleaning service. From what I understand this works out to the company's profit after they pay the cleaners who came to the house. I appreciate that finally they tried to make it right but the only true way to make this right would be to go back in time to clean properly during the visit. More than the money it's my time that can't be returned. Bottom line: if you want anything more than a surface clean hire someone else.

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Company Response

Dear Natasha,

We are sorry to hear your experience with us did not meet your expectations. We strive to always make things right for our clients, always doing our best to come to a quick resolution that leaves our clients happy in spite of whatever on-site issues that may have occurred.

When we initially were contacted regarding your initial clean, we were not given a true depiction of the house, leaving our staff with more tasks to complete in the allotted time frame. As I mentioned as well, the staff were advised on-site by a member of your household to not clean certain items and areas.

While our staff tried their hardest to satisfy the needs of this home, you were unsatisfied and as a result, we offered you a refund for our services.

You mentioned that you were happy with the resolution, so we are at a loss of words here as to why you felt the need to post such a negative review.

Nevertheless, we do sincerely apologize that your experience with us was not what you expected and wish you the absolute best of luck in finding a service provider that can meet your requirements.

The Clean My Space Team