I was looking for a company to take away old bricks that I found under by deck. I went to the Just Junk website and completed the online pricing quote. On the site it said it took the bricks and that pricing was for the amount of the truck you used. I only needed about 1/8 of the truck. Within 5 minutes of completing the request for a quote, someone called to say they were on their way. Great! Two men arrived and were very nice. They looked at what I had and said it would be $375. I asked how could it be so different from the website. They said bricks are heavier so there is a premium. Nowhere on the pricing page when I was filling it out did they say there was a premium or give me the option to say bricks. I even in my comments stated it was bricks. It was a complete waste of my time and needless to say I did not use their service.

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A couple months after my wife and I took possession of our home the kitchen ceiling started to leak. The upstairs bathroom was leaking into the kitchen when the shower was running. I was worried I was going to have to take out the bathroom wall to make the repairs. Dima plumbing came to the rescue. He game over within a couple days and was able to do all the repairs without opening a wall. Not only saving me money but time and headaches. I would highly recommend him and will continue to use him for all my future plumbing needs.

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Thank you Mr.Ben for the time you took to write a review for us. It helps us greatly, I really appreciate it. Have a good week! John Dima.