I have a fireplace which sometimes can't come up. The technician is very experienced. He quickly identified the switch is the place highly suspicious. He took time to pull it off, then polish it, and taught me all the necessary knowledge how to maintain and fix it in future. His service deserves a good review here.

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Hi Jonas,

It was our pleasure serving you. We appreciate your time to put a review for us.
Thanks for your business.

AM Group Heating & Cooling / The Fireplace Club.


After years bearing my broken back yard sliding door and old front door, I decided to replace both of them. I quoted few contractors. I chose Aztech because of a good kick-off conversation with Dmitry and his competitive price. I have to say I made right choice. At the beginning, I knew the job in my house wouldn't be as easy as others' because I can see what an amateur job had been done by the ex-house owner. Leon's team turned out being professional, worked on my doors from morning to almost completely dark. They are typical craftsmen. After installation, thy cleaned the scene, even wrapped my long power cord. When they finished the installation, I saw a little damage on my sliding door's frame. As Leon said, he can fix everything. It turned out being true. He fixed it on scene. One week later, there is another issue coming out from my front door, Somehow the door's lock was hitting the frame. Leon showed up few days later, again proved me "he can fix everything" and explained to me it was caused by too much insulation he put. I am giving 9/10 because of this. So far my family are enjoying these two doors.

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Hi Jonas. Thank you for the time you took to give us this great review. Re. foam, sometimes when its very hot/humid outside, the foam sets on the surface but keeps expanding inside. It's impossible to spot until it pops a couple dats later. Chances of this hapenning are quite low, and its an easy fix, hence the approach. Thanks again.