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I can't say enough great things. My interior designer referred me to Wendy and her team. We are so grateful that she did. Our sofa is beautiful but the cushions were 5" low density crap. Sorry foam. We visited Wendy expecting to be quoted an astronomical assessment. Wow, were we wrong. The price was affordable and we paid a bit more to switch to 5" high density as it was obvious that it was going to last much longer. Like many people we didn't have the money to pay for everything up front so we worked out an arrangement to bring one cushion per week. Pay for that one. Then bring the next one and so on. Originally this was expected to be about six to eight weeks to get everything done. It was done in 5. I almost wish I had more cushions to bring her as quality is perfection. As you can see from the first couple of photos to the last couple it's easy to tell what a difference The Foam Centre has made. We don't have to be embarrassed about having company over. Or having them complain about how soft the cushion is or how crappy it looks. I highly recommend the store. Wendy and team are fantastic. Please be patient as a store is quite busy. Thank you so much for all you've done!

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I puchased Platinum protection. I was insured that all damage. Accidental or intentional was covered for my sofa. Excluding pet damage and fluids. Understandable. My sofa got scuffed on the corner. I called. They assured me they would help. Then asked me to send photos. I now know why. They said scuffs aren't covered. Only accidental rips, tears or burns. The reason for my photo is so they know not to send out a service request to repair further damage to the same area. I immediately asked for a Resolution Specialist. They got me to Jeff. Who was not only rude and but listen to a word I said. He just kept making excuses. I am not done escalating this matter, which is very bad for Zucora. This is my 1st step advising consumers. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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