Massimo and his crew were friendly and worked very quickly. They did an excellent job on surfaces that were previously painted but lacked some quality on newly finished drywall (dust not properly cleaned prior to painting and a couple of areas only received one coat of paint). They were not very diligent about checking their work however Massimo was willing to address any issues I had.

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Company Response

Thx you for your honesty Michael,
We strive to make all clients as happy as they can be, Thxs for allowing Executive Touch Painters LTD company from Toronto to complete your painting needs in House painting Markham.
Thx again from Owner Massimo


After a small mix-up with the door design, the company fixed the problem and I was happy with my new front door. Now after about 18 months the door has an issue with the locking mechanism. I contacted the company to request a service call (which I was willing to pay for). The owner initially accused me of bad mouthing his company and when I told him he was confusing me with another customer, he agreed to have someone come to look at my door. It's been several weeks now and nothing. They won't return calls. I'm shocked that a company with a seemingly good product would allow their reputation to suffer in this way. They can now officially put me on the list of dissatisfied customers and I would not recommend them to anyone.

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First Review


Be careful hiring Andrea drywall taper. He mostly advertises on Kijiji. He promises complete customer satisfaction however when I pointed out one issue, he threw a tantrum and insisted he would not fix it without more money. He ended up leaving the job incomplete. He was very unprofessional and rather childish. His phone number is 647-404-7608. I would absolutely NOT recommended this contractor.

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Gabriel either is not familiar with building codes or chooses to ignore them. He initially set a new toilet about 10 inches from a wall. When I asked him about it he said yes, it could be out a little. When I asked what the code calls for he said 13 inches. After the installation I thought it still seemed a little tight so I checked online for the requirements and it turns out minimum is 15 inches. I am now forced to move and reframe a very shallow wall in order to meet this minimum. The installation also required the concrete slab be replaced in the areas he dug for the new drains. In some areas he poured no more that 1/4 inch of concrete and other areas virtually none. When I complained to him about this his response was that we only put a thin coat back when replacing the slab. I had to rip up what he had done and re-cement the entire area. The Ontario building code requires 3 inches for a concrete slab. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed with Gabriel's knowledge and the quality of work.

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Company Response

Dear Michael:
I am sorry that you were disappointed in our service. When you contacted me to voice the discrepancy, I offered to come out, free of charge, to fix anything to your satisfaction, but, I did not hear anything further.

We have not experienced such an unhappy customer in all our services, and we are sorry that you were so unsatisfied. Our goal is to make all our customers happy, and we are sorry we weren't able to meet that goal with you.