Had work done at two properties, by two separate Davey crews. One job involved removing several large limbs and cabling a 30+ foot catalpa tree. The other was the removal of an even taller spruce. The jobs were done quickly, and the cleanup was great. The guys were professional, personable and friendly, and I was impressed by their attention to safety - hard hats, hearing protection, protective clothing, safety harnesses/lanyards, and safety boots. Too often people show up to do work with a cavalier attitude towards their own safety. These guys were a treat! Thanks!

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Replaced all 13 windows in an older raised bungalow. The pricing wasn't the lowest (or highest), but based on word of mouth, we went with FM. Good decision. They all fit perfectly - no shimming, filling, or covering up with extra trim. I was amazed at how well they fit in the existing openings. Most didn't even have a sliver of light showing anywhere around the frame. A small bead of caulking around the inside was all it took to finish them off. Speaking of caulking, Cliff was an artist with a caulking gun! And no slouch with the forming brake for the capping either. The whole job was done in a day and a half. Great job! The after-sales issue concerned replacement of an obscured-glass bathroom window which was supplied with clear glass in error. Due to lost paperwork and our tendency not to make pests of ourselves, it took close to 5 months to get it replaced. Like I said, it most likely would not have taken so long if we had called earlier and more often to enquire as to the status of the replacement.

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