Saba, an architect working for QBS Architects Inc., came to my house with, and at the behest of, a builder I was discussing a small addition to the side of my house with. Saba agreed to do the design, structural drawings, and obtain a building permit for $4000. I paid her $2000 and she did the design drawings which were good. Subsequently, I decided not to use the builder because he doubled his price from his original ballpark estimate. When Saba found out I would not use this builder, she said she would not complete the rest of the contract unless I paid more money than the agreed amount. I said we had a signed contract and I would not pay more. I then received an email from Saba saying: "Sorry am not willing to proceed." To sign a contract and not complete it is unprofessional in my opinion. I cannot recommend either Saba or QBS. It is a pity because the design drawings she did were fine. I asked her why the builder I use would make any difference to my contract with her? She never replied.

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The two young guys were good at moving the furniture. But they used foul language between themselves which I thought was very unprofessional. Also, at the end of the move the time was 3 1/2 hours as predicted in the quote which was $700. But the company wanted to tack on an extra hour and a half for travel time. I thought "dock to dock" meant furniture pickup dock and destination drop-off dock. But the office said it was office dock to office dock! The actual time it took them to run back and forth from their office was only 40 minutes. I argued the point vociferously and they backed off, but I thought this was very poor practice and hence my low rating.

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