Tony warned me the job would be more difficult as there were already walls in the basement, but felt they could do a good job hand polishing the edges. I requested a medium sheen. Unfortunately, they did not seal off the rest of the house so my entire house was full of concrete dust in no time! When the job was 'complete' he brought in some random cleaner who did not have the necessary equipment, used my vacuum which fried the motor ($800 mistake), and left me with a floor that has virtually no sheen and numerous areas with pits. I think they're used to working in unfinished garages, not houses.

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Company Response

Hi Deborah, firstly I would like to thank you for choosing Unique Touch concrete design and for taking the time to share your thoughts on our Homestars page. I was really surprised with your review. It is always my goal and our company to provide 100% customer satisfaction with every job we do, and clearly on this occasion this goal was not met, for that I apologize. I do recall explaining this was a much more difficult job due to the condition of the floor and because you had a finished basement with baseboards and doors. It was my understanding that we were all satisfied with the outcome when we finished the work over 6 months ago. The moment you called me and told me about the dust, we stopped working and took care of the problem right away. We even hired 2 cleaning ladies to clean your house from top to bottom, all expenses paid by Unique Touch. I was totally unaware of any issues that occurred with your vacuum after you kindly allowed us to use it to clean up. I would much appreciate it if you could contact me directly at 416 4532927 so that we can discuss this further. We always stand behind our work. Kind regards, Tony