We hired Daad Demolision on April 30, 2021 to demolish and haul away an old concreate retaining wall in our front yard. The correspondence with Daad Demo acutally began on Homestars one month prior. Their customer representative, Adam Wrobel was kind, courteous, patient and absolutely professional from the first correspondence to the last. He answered all my questions and was extremely reassuring because I was concerned about damage to my neighbours concrete driveway. The work bagan at 7:30am sharp, and the entire crew of 6 were at my residence ON TIME and ready to work. Within 3 hours of starting my project, they were done and cleaning up. How is that for efficient!!! Every worker on their crew was courteous and looked like they had a lot of experience. The job was not easy as the retaining was sat almost 3 feet underground in the front. There was some very minor, yet unavoidable damage to my neighbours driveway given the issues with detachment of the two structures. But Adam came back the next day with one of his guys and patched up the minor damage to a better condition than new! Adam is a true advocate for his clients. I would definitely recommend Daad Demolision and would love to hire them in the future. Thanks Daad!

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Company Response

Hello Farook,

On behalf of our company we would like to thank you for trusting our team with your demolition project. We're glad to hear that you're happy with our services, and we hope you enjoyed the stress and headache free experience we strive to deliver.

We are pleased that we were able to get your project off on the right foot and look forward to working with you again!


In short, the guys came over, slapped on a bucket load of tar (some black sealant) around where my chimney and roof meet and left. That cost me $400! I called a few guys for some estimates prior to contacting Mr.RoofRepair and they recommended that I buy some tar from HomeDepot and slap it on myself. I wish I had listened to those guys, because MrRoofRepair did the same thing for $400. But in contrast, the report they sent was very thorough and informative, and I'm wondering if they book $400 appointments just to take pictures and produce reports. The estimate for "doing it right" was high in comparison to other contractors as well. I wouldn't be so critical if they had actually fixed my problem. I could still hear drops of water on my gas fireplace, so obviously their "quick fix" did not work and I'm out 400 bucks, but the report sure is pretty! Oh yeah, and they left a caulking-gun on my roof. What if that had fallen on someone? Anyways, I definitely don't agree with their business model.

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Hi FK… As per our conversations this morning, I am responding to your review. You wrote “In short, the guys came over, slapped on a bucket load of tar (some black sealant) around where my chimney and roof meet and left.” Our team arrived at 11:32am, completed a repair using high-grade roof cement to the effected area as per spec in lieu of a larger repair that is necessary, as we have now discussed. We also compiled information for our assessment report on your entire roofing system, including pictures. The last picture was taken at 12:12pm (GPS/Time Stamped) and we left your property at 12:24pm. As per our discussion, we are not guys working off the back of a truck and have expenses that denote our place in the industry and our retail pricing, which was made clear to you prior to you contracting us via phone and email in our service agreement. A pricing that is hyper-competitive when comparing to our peers. Contracting a company like Mr. Roof Repair mitigates the possibility of issues that are inherent by hiring contractors who are not of the same ilk. Contractors who do not adhere to manufacturer spec in an unregulated industry, comply with Workplace Safety protocols or are WSIB insured, etc. Thank you for recognizing the depth of our reporting. It is the unbiased nature of our reporting that has lead to us being regarded the way we are. To say that “I'm wondering if they book $400 appointments just to take pictures and produce reports.” is just inaccurate and an unfair comment. We would not be heralded as we are, over the type of sample size (volume) in which we do business if that was the case. We provide real solutions to real problems for our clients as is evidenced by our public profile. As per our discussion, the issue we attended your property for, the chimney saddle was attended to and repaired in lieu of a larger fix. It would seem the drops you are hearing are from inside the stack of your fireplace and possibly a result of a faulty rain cap or other issues. As mentioned, we are happy to return to take a look at the chimney cap for you. Having spoken, I believe you now have a different perspective on our attending your property and our model. Thanks for speaking with me today.