I felt very comfortable with Kason and Dave working in my house! They were very respectful, knowledgable and I trusted them! They did a great job and I would recommend them 100%. They were also very clean and responded to any issues I had immediately. I also hired this company to so the HVAC in my home and was a little disappointed. Willie came in and did a quote for all the work needing to be done in the house. He found lots of stuff that I needed to "update" because they weren't up to code anymore but he never thought about a dryer vent in the new laundry room??? I trusted that something so obvious (to someone in his line if work) would be picked up on, but it wasn't until I was painting the new laundry room when I though... Hey... How the heck does my dryer vent? Now I have to pay them more money to come back in, and I also have to pay more for drywall repairs, painting, ceiling texture ect. I know this is something I should have picked up on before now, I guess I'm just left feeling like he made such an effort to find little things that I had to pay for, but didn't find something super obvious that is a major headache for me in the end.

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Company Response

Thank you in advance for your review. From what I can see in your review, it looks like we fell short of your expectations. I would like for some way to help rectify that for you. Please call me directly at our office 403-282-1010. I personally promise to give you my full attention and try to come to a resolve on this matter. Looking forward to working with you to complete your project. Best regards. Mark Coffin. Service Manager.


I will NEVER use this company again! I paid for the supply and installation of 21 solid core doors. Alycia (the assistant manager/owners daughter) was super helpful and nice when placing the order. Install day came and no one showed up. After I called to see what was going on, they said their truck had brown down but they would be there in the afternoon. The afternoon came and went, yet no one showed up still. The following morning I called to tell them to come in a couple hours after they were scheduled because another trade needed to be in the house. Alycia then said that they could no longer do our job because they didn't have enough time. Apparently I was causing them too much of an inconvenience because I postponed them by two hours. Ummmmm... What about the entire day they were scheduled to work and didn't show? She said that they wouldn't be able to book again for a month away (which was past my move in date so that obviously wouldn't work) and she said they didn't do a job in pieces after I suggested they come in for the remainder of the days they were scheduled and then fit me in a day here or there when they could, between other jobs. Well, come to find out, half the doors I had ordered weren't even in (I found this out when I said I was going to come pick them up). So my impression is that they didn't have the doors and instead of telling me this, she would rather makes feel like I didn't something wrong and the reason my schedule was being delayed was my fault. She was terrible to deal with. Even went I went in to the store to get my refund for the install, I saw her come out of the break room but proceeded to leave my file with someone else so that she didn't have to talk to me. Worst customer service ever!

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