I got my 3 basement windows done by this company approx 1 year ago. We recently experienced some flooding and couldn't pin point were exactly it was coming from. I called a professional inspector to come in and find out where exactly the problem was. Upon the inspection being completed i was advised that the seals failed around all 3 windows and with all the rain we had through the summer it ended molding between the drywall and wood flooring we has just put in. As soon as i was told this i advise the company of what happened. I was told they would send a representative out. The rep who came was extremely rude and told us no flood was not caused by the window yet he had to 3 large tubes of caulking around all the window. I call the company again only to be told they have to speak to their manager. I have a 11 month old son in my house and i am extremely concerned about the mold. Ive contacted Pro Vinyl several times and i keep getting ignored. As a civil servant i pride myself on client satisfaction. Yet this company who i thought would step up to the plate andctake responsibilty for something they did choose to hide and dodge me. I would Never recommend them to any friend or family.Beware of this company yes they may install your windows and everything is good. But if they make a mistake they will not correct it.Even now i recieved 0 cooperation with this company. Now i will have find a way for my basement to be fixed.

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Dolby Song is by far the most honest technician I have every come across he didn't try to up sell me anything. He was honest and gave me the best option even if it met me using the old system anything he could do to help me save money. I did my research on them and was very happy to find they are accredited by the BBB my previous company I was with was not and they are a huge alarm company.I did get rid of it and chose to start a fresh with a new system. Dolby was extremely fast and quiet due to my newborn in the house he was able to install without waking him .He was super respectful when he had to enter the nursery he was able to install and I didn't even realize he was in there he moved like lightening lol. I had little problem on Friday with the system he advise me he could make it out on Sunday. Instead he made time on Saturday to get it done!!! Most alarm companies make you wait at least 5 business days.I am soooo highly impressed with this alarm company I will let my family and friend knows about it . I can't express how happy I am with the new service and I hope to be with them for many years to come.

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Thank you for taking time to share your experience with us, we will keep up with our service and be there all the time.