Their estimate was way off. Ended up paying $1400 more on the job, even though it took a 2 hour detailed inspection to provide the initial quote. It would have been nice to go with a close estimate from the beginning to budget my work. I spoke to Bob And he will send someone to treat dents after priming.

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I find it surprising that the first time I hear about the post prime appearance of the holes and dents is on Homestars review. All you had to do was call me and we would do a post prime touchup. You don't have to touch the walls. In fact, I will contact you immediately and offer to do that for free. We include that service as part of the quote.
As for the price; let's be honest the DIY boarding was very poor. When Doug was on site doing the review, he requested that you install additional screws on most of the sheets. That didn't happen by the time we arrived to start the taping process.
What Doug was unable to see at the time of the site review for quoting the project, is that you had not installed any framing when you installed the drywall sheets. He could not know that until he arrived to start installing concrete fill to close up the large gaps. That's when he realized that there was no wood framing so many of the sheets had to come down, framing installed and reboard. Then we had to install the screws. Those are the costs that added up to the extra charge. I do not want to be confrontational but I had Doug stop the work and bring you down to the basement to show you what he had to do. You gave us a new $ cost as a result and we came in $350 under that upper limit. We were transparent about this adjustment Mohamed. The texture was always an optional cost.

For DIY handymen here is the rule; if the last wall stud or joist is further than 4" away from the end of the wall or ceiling to wall then wood must be installed (or steel) to make sure that the drywall does not flex away from the corner when pressure is applied to install tapes or mud. Otherwise the tapes will crack.

I am sorry that you are disappointed in the extra charges but the problem was hidden by the boarded walls and could not have been anticipated during the site review. I will be in touch today to make arrangements for me to send a taper to complete the post prime touchup


Came to clean furnace and duct. After they left the house was really cod. Went to basement to check why. They left the furnace cover panel open and the didn't bother to start the furnace. Very disappointing and unprofessional

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Done Right delivered professional service from the minute I called to book the estimate. I got detailed estimate with upgrade options. The estimate was very competitive. The job was completed in two days as promised, and the cleanup left everything in the same condition as before. I would definitely recommend them to others.

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Hi Mohamed,

It was our pleasure to work with you! We're so glad that your satisfied on how everything went & wanted to thank you once again for your business.