We contracted X-Treme Plus to remove and replace the eaves through on the lower portion of our split level. It take a bit of back and forth to get the estimate completed, and they were unable to show up on the first day they were originally booked for, once they were on site they did a great job. They even took on the added work to create and install a pair of re-direct troughs on the upper portion of the split level AT NO EXTRA COST. Getting them on site WAS a bit of a hassle but I was trying to book them at the height of their season n and thus were extremely (no pun intended) busy, I can understand how the delays could have happened. I would definitely book them again as their final product looks great and performs beautifully.

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We contracted Golden Years Handyman Plus (GYHP) to do some tiling in a bathroom we were renovating. They were responsible for tiling the entire tub/shower surround area and a half wall behind the toilet and vanity. We did the tear out, clean up, and prep of the area to be tiled. Golden Years sent out an employee/subcontractor, Colin, to do the actual work. While the majority of my review is about Colin and his work, as GYHP was the general contractor for this task they bear the responsibility to ensure that they subs they hire are up to the task. Throughout the job, there were issues with Colin’s apparent lack of attention to detail. We expressly mentioned that we were preparing the house for sale and that aesthetics, as well as proper function was important. What we initially got was function, with little attention to detail or aesthetics. One partial wall had to be torn out and redone as the tiles were placed such that the horizontal grout lines on the partial wall did not align with those on the adjacent wall. When this was pointed out to him his attitude and demeanor deteriorated as he maintained that it was a perfectly functional wall. I was left with little option but to call GYHP and have them direct their staff to complete the re-installation. As Colin had double booked himself he could not remain on site to redo his work that day, but rather had to come back on another day to fix his mistake. The final product looks okay, but it is not up to what my expectations are for a professional installer. Little details like positioning tiles based on what is easiest (less cutting) rather than what looks good were not taken into account; even after getting direction. Details like ensuring that all trim tiles that abutted the window trim were close enough not to warrant an overly large grout line, etc. Overall, while the room does show improvement and looks better than what was in there to begin with, the overall aesthetics do not reflect what one would expect from a professional.

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Thanks for your review Richard. We are constantly improving our process and reviews like this help us as a company.


Mr. Pasalic is very knowledgable, fast, efficient and was able to fix my frigde in les than an hour. We works very clean with minima;; post work clean up required. Highly recommended.

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