RCC recently completed waterproofing of a section of my basement. They also installed a sump pump. Rick was my customer service rep and was a pleasure to work with. He even made a 2nd visit to my home to help tweak the plan when I had questions about the proposed location of the sump pump discharge. The crew was very friendly and happy to answer questions as the job progressed. They left the area neat and tidy and explained what was necessary for maintenance. RCC is licensed to act as a contractor for the City of Toronto rebate on sump pump installations so I will be eligible for a $1200 reimbursement on the cost of the project.

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I had a lot of trouble finding a company to take on the small job of disconnecting one downspout and re-routing another. Roofworks set a window to inspect my property but never came. They were able to come after a reminder from me. They offered a fair quote and said that the work would be done within 2-3 weeks and agreed to give me a day's notice. I tried to get them to confirm the scope of work and quote in writing but they would not respond to my e-mails on the subject. After a few weeks went by, I was ready to give up on them and find another company when they called and said they would be able to come the next day. I was having my basement waterproofed at the same time and disconnected downspouts are a condition of the sump pump rebate offered by the City of Toronto so I went ahead with them despite my misgivings. They subcontracted the work to Matthew's Eavestroughs without telling me. After completing the job, they left the site without notifying me or allowing me a chance to inspect the work. When I took a look, I saw that one of the downspout discharges was sloped upward. I had to contact them again and they returned to fix it. Friendly people in person but terrible service.

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Metro Chimney just left my house after completing the removal of a basement fireplace and adjoining decorative brick. Amid a sea of contractors who don't respond to inquiries, Chris's quick responses were particularly welcome. He came in with the best price of the companies who quoted for the job and had also been recommended by a friend. The work was completed on time and on budget. The crew was extremely friendly and happy to answer questions about the work. I recommend them without hesitation and hope to hire them again for future masonry work on my home.

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