My water heater became defective, still under 2+ years warranty. I told the technician and gave him copies of the evidence. His response: 'the boss has to decide' who said it was out of warranty - without checking my customer file or the manufacturer. I had confirmed the warranty with the manufacturer (John Woods) on the website and by phone, and told the tech to get and install the replacement. I called the office woman with my confirmation, which she disputed. Later the heater was installed 'under warranty', without a word as the office clearly had determined this to be so. Two problems: #1 'the boss' rejected my warranty assertion out of hand. Problem #2, I used Hammonds 'Seniors Discount' policy on labour', before, as I am a senior . I enquired and was told installation labour charges do not qualify. Ethics?, Trustworthy?, Policy Consistency? . Customer care? All that went out of the window when Hammond's family business was sold to a large corporate operation a few years go. The tech did his job, management failed doing theirs.

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