I did my research when I wanted to install a new wood burning stove and chimney, and that is why I chose Toronto Home Comfort. I chose my fireplace and paid half before the installation was done. The installer was fantastic and paid attention to every detail to make sure the instillation was done up to code, but unfortunately we did encounter an unexpected set back during the instillation. The sales man had mistaken my flagstone wall as non-combustible when it actually was considered combustible, as there was no breather behind it. There was not enough clearance to have the fireplace installed and no other fireplace would fit in that area. By that time I was quite upset as my old fireplace and chimney had already been removed and my options were limited, as I did not want to install a gas or electric fireplace. Within the hour the owner of Toronto Home Comfort, Shora was at my home assessing the situation and looking for a resolution to the unexpected circumstances. The installer suggested the only option was to have a hearth installed and to tear up the flagstone on my floor. I asked Shora if she would be willing to absorb the costs involved with the hearth purchase, and additional instillation labour that was required. In a heartbeat she agreed and even let me choose the hearth that I wanted. Of course I chose the nicest one and probably the most expensive one, which was made of black slate. Yesterday the fireplace instillation was completed and I am 100% happy with the customer service that I received, and professionalism that was demonstrated from the whole team. I definitely will be a return customer in the future as Shora and her team went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and that the job was completed properly to WETT standards. I highly recommend Toronto Home Comfort!!

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Company Response

Thanks for your detailed review Danielle.
What really makes us, Toronto Home Comfort, different from other company is how we face issues. When there is an issue we take full responsibility. No excuse. We make sure everything is taken care of so by the end we have a happy customer which is the most important thing to us. Thank you for taking the time and reviewing your experience with Toronto Home Comfort