I recently hired this company to replace the shingle roof of my 16 year old house. The experience has been very pleasant from negotiation of the business to finish of the work. The owner was very patient and polite in answering all my many questions and explaining the pros and cons of the options. His workers were very polite and well mannered. They took care of my properties and cleaned up the areas very thoroughly afterwards. If you only look at the ground, you will not notice that the roof of my house has just been replaced. They started in the morning, worked into late afternoon, and finished the work in one day. I asked the head of the workers to do something extra during the process, which he told me was not absolutely necessary at first. But the next minute in a smile he said, to make me happy, he would do it the way I wanted it. I wonder why other people gave negative comments before. But my experience with this company was very positive. I would recommend this company. Actually I have just referred my neighbours to him.

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I had my gas furnace and airconditioner replaced by this company last summer. Reliable and honest. Delivered what they promised. Knowledge of the installer so-so. Made a mistake and the furnace did not run on high heat. Phoned the company and the boss came to fix it right away. And so far everything is fine and Winter was over. Still would recommend this company.

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