Louis is fantastic! Friendly, fast, and does great work. Spotted another issue while onsite and took care of it then and there. Highly recommend!

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Thanks you so much for this review Jeff
I always looked around to make sure there is nothing else to deal with
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I hired this company in Vaughan to do Spring cleanup in my garden, put down some mulch, and overseed my lawn. I requested a quote by telephone, and was told that the local guy would be in touch. He showed up unannounced on Good Friday (April 14th) and rang my doorbell. I was home anyway, so walked the property with him. I explained what I wanted: the edges of the garden to be cleanly cut, for the garden to be thoroughly weeded, a couple of holly bushes to be transplanted, a thick layer of mulch to be put down, and for the grass to be cut and then overseeded. I was told that was part of the "Spring Cleanup" but that mulch and overseeding would be extra. I would get a quote. The quote was a bit difficult to decipher, but I eventually was able to get it clarified and ensure that it covered what I had asked for. Making arrangements for the work to be done was a bit more difficult as there appeared to be no way for me to contact the local person directly. Eventually we did work it out, and he came on Thursday, May 11th. I met him at the property in the morning, and again walked it with him. He seemed to have forgotten what I wanted so I again specified: cut the edges of the garden, transplant a couple of bushes, weed, mulch, and cut the grass and then overseed the lawn. I came home Thursday, and none of the work had been done. I did receive a call from Laith telling me that the mulch he had sourced wasn’t the right quality so they would be back the next day. When I got home after work on the Friday, the mulch was down, but none of the other work appeared to have been done. Masses of weeds could still be seen through the uneven, thinly-spread mulch, the edges of the garden were not cleanly cut at all—or where they were, very sloppily—grass had not been removed from garden beds, the bushes had not been transplanted, and the lawn had not been overseeded. They had cut the grass. I sent an email to Laith the next morning expressing my displeasure, detailing the issues I had with the work, and attaching pictures (one of which is attached to this review). I also retracted my credit card authorisation. I invited a call to discuss when arrangements could be made to complete the work. I received an extremely aggressive and confrontational call from Laith. He was yelling at me, interrupting me when I attempted to speak with him, insulted me, and told me that he had not read the email or looked at the photographs. He told me that he wanted to come and discuss the matter “face-to-face” (his tone gave me sufficient concern that I made sure my neighbour would be home that afternoon). I invited him to read the email and come over in the afternoon. He did not come to the property and did not call. I sent another email on the 15th, setting out more details of my complaints. I suggested a resolution, and explained that if he didn’t want to correct the work, he could provide me with invoices for the mulch and we could discuss the appropriate compensation for the work that he did do. I never heard from him again. He eventually charged my credit card for the full service (which he did not provide). I am disputing the credit card charges with Visa. I don’t know about other regions, but don’t hire this company in Vaughan under any circumstances.

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