The work they previously did seemed fine but the customer service is lacking. This is the second time in one year I’m told to expect a technician which never arrives. I’m told they called in advance but I didn’t receive nor missed any phone call. The Labour and charges are above average at Bosco and for that I would expect prompt and premium service. I now have to take a second day off work to await their arrival for a simple filter change which costs me an obscene amount of earnings. This is not how you treat customers, especially repeat clients.

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Company Response

Hi Reese. I can understand how frustrating this must feel for you. I dug deeper into what occurred and listened to our call log. We called you twice yesterday and twice today at the number you had provided us. We left you a message. My understanding is that you did reach out to us by phone after we left the message to re-book for Thursday. I apologize for any misunderstanding this has caused.