We bought our house in December and the pool was closed at our viewing in October. Our purchase agreement stated that all pool equipment was in working order. At our pool opening, Tommy told us the truth...the pump was not for an inground pool, the filter was too small and the plumping flanges and hoses were not the correct materials. They walked us through what was needed and helped us to find a new pump and filter - which are in short supply due to Covid. Since opening the pool Tommy, Nick and Tamiko have been a constant support to help get the pool running, clear up the disaster the previous owners left and shared their cell numbers to help walk us through backwashing and priming the pump. We have had daily checkins in person and by phone. I feel so grateful to have Olympic pool as my support team - the customer care is exceptional and is so refreshing. Tommy, Tamiko, Nick, Gabriel and Mark - you are the best!

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This pleases us to no end to know you are confident in our service and process to get your pool up and running where it needs to be. It's our priority to make sure clients are getting the most out their pools especially during this trying time. It's sad to see how good people inherit such problems which end up being costly and to no fault of their own. We will continue to do our best to ensure your pool is running at top notch capacity. Thank you for the praise and kind words. I will be sure to pass this along to the team who work tirelessly during this difficult time for clients such as yourselves. With all sincerity, OPS


In the fall of 2009, we experienced a leak in our daughter's bedroom. We live in a flat room semi, where the roof is approx. 12ft x 20ft. We called several roofing companies and got quotes from 10-15k. My husband was told by a work collegue to call J Asselin as he had a flat roof and had used the company only months earlier. Jack himself, came and said that roof needed repaired but not replaced as the roof was in "good shape". The workers came the same day (this is not a good sign) and the repair was $3500. He gave a warranty on the work for two years. Six months later the roof began to leak again, we called and were told that as it was a heavy rain the rain probably came in from the flashing...keep an eye out they said and call us back. The spring came and went and the leak didn't reappear until another heavy rainfall in Sept. 2010. This time the water came in in four places and the drywall in our upstairs hall and ceiling heaved, the tape came off, the wood floor was damaged - this leak was less than two feet from the original problem. We called them back again as the work was under warranty and Jack and his crew came out within the hour. They said it wasn't a faulty first repair, but a pocket in the roof had caved in. When they took away the old roof they found it was missing insulation, there were rotten boards etc. All of this would need to be repaired for the cost of $4000. Why not replace the whole roof, I asked, as this patch was going to cover 2/3 of my roof and involved going around the skylight. Not necessary, your roof is fine Jack said. I argued with my husband about having Asselin do the repair as I did not feel confident with the company now. If we went with them, we were going to be up to $7500 for repairs and still had to replace the drywall, repaint, and refloor where the roof had leaked! We were halfway to paying for thee new roof we couldn't afford. Against my better judgement, Asselin did the repair and six months later the water began POURING in the ceiling in the same leaky spot and this time made it's way to the main floor and damaged the dining room ceiling and hardwood floor. When we called them back to discuss how they would repay us for the damages incurred and to mention we were in contact with a lawyer, we couldn't get through. Their business location on Queen Street East was sold several months ago. We are in the process of finding a new roofer to replace the whole roof and skylight, and re-plaster and refloor the ongoing damages from each rainfall. Their roof repair has caused several areas of high and low depressions, which causes the roof to pool rather than drain. As a new roof is 10k and the indoor repairs have been 5k, the J. Asselin roofing repair has now cost us $22,000 for a mere patch. Do your research, use a reputable company and do go with any company that can be there the same day!

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