Our oven door has somehow come loose and we had to prop it up with a chair so it wouldn’t bend and ruin the hinges. At first they didn’t have an opening until the following week but then Joanne the dispatcher talked to Everald who agreed to come as his last appointment. He arrived after 9pm and we were grateful. A real professional, Everald understood the problem instantly and was familiar with the brand. He fixed the problem in about 20 minutes without needing any additional parts. What a great company this is. And what a fine technician. Thank you Everald and Joanne for all your help.

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We called Repaircare after reading good reviews on HomeStars and for the promise that they could repair our OTH Dacor microwave (not everyone can). They sent a technician who spent an hour trying to wrench the microwave from it’s bracket!! When we became alarmed it shouldn’t take that much effort and that perhaps he call the office to send someone more familiar with the setup he protested, blaming the original installers, and continued to wrestle with the microwave (meanwhile stopping to take numerous calls when his phone rang). We feared it would come crashing down on to the stove and cause further damage to it as well as to another appliance. We finally insisted he stop and send someone else. A few hours later another technician came and removed the microwave from its bracket in 2 minutes. But the damage had been done to the wall bracket. (Bent out of shape and supporting screws stripped) More about that later. The new technician ordered a part that took well over a month to arrive and then told us it was not the problem after all and a different part would need to be ordered. He then determined that the supporting bracket had been damaged beyond repair and doubted Dacor could supply another without buying a whole new unit. By this time we had completely lost faith in Repaircare to either repair the unit or remedy what they had ruined. When we were advised by Dacor that there was only one of these discontinued models available in North America we made the decision to purchase it in order to be assured of a unit that would fit the existing space and maintain the decor of the kitchen appliances (black). We supplied Repaircare with a half hour of footage of their repair person wrestling with our microwave and ruining the bracket. They responded to our complaint by agreeing to refund what they had charged us for the repair. When we suggested that some additional compensation was in order for needing to purchase a new microwave, their response was that we did not give them an opportunity to repair the unit and damage. The damage that they were responsible for and the repair that took forever to get a part for and in the end wasn’t the problem but would require waiting who knows how long for yet another part. I see from their responses to other complaints on HomeStars that they are experts at “spinning” a positive response to every complaint usually along the lines of “it’s not our fault” or “we’re not responsible...” or “please reach out to us..” In the videos we took it showed that their technician was clearly at fault and they were responsible. They might be good for some things but our experience with them was a costly disaster which they had no interest in once they refunded their initial repair charges. We reached out to Tarah but after suggesting they contribute to the purchase of a new microwave, she ignored us.

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Company Response

Thank you for your review Jeff. We are so very sorry to hear how you feel. Unfortunately, we do not have control of when the parts are available. According to our records, as soon as you let us know what was going on, within 2 hours we had another technician out. You were very pleased with the new technician and said that he really knew his stuff. When he went back to install the part, you declined the repairs and said we should pay for part of the microwave instead. As such no parts were ever installed or attempted to be installed. Our records also show that the last interaction we had with you Jeff, was when Tarah responded to your request that we pay for part of the microwave. At RepairCare, we know that sometimes we don't get it right but we are committed to making it right. To make it right, she let you know that we paid the technician for going back, twice and that we will not charge you for the visits, that we processed a full refund for the cost of the parts even though you signed a disclosure form saying that this is a special order part and parts are non-refundable, we reimbursed you for the broken bracket, and would have paid for the technician to come back and install the new bracket had you gone forward with the repair, as the microwave was repairable and did not need replacing. There has been no further communication from you after that. We are sorry that this was not enough for you, Jeff and that we could not manage your expectations.

Best Regards,

RepairCare Team