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Amin in Toronto
Amin in Toronto
3 reviews Aurora, ON

Not reliable

Wayne did few tiling projects at my house. He was mostly on time but for the last one he couldn't finish it on time. Even for some of the other projects at my house he delayed it for 1-2 days but 1-2 days was okay with me as I was not in rush.

It seems he is getting busy and he cannot keep up with the load as he works alone. He was friendly at the beginning but he turned to an ordering personality as time passed.

He started tiling my master bedroom on August 10th and he made some progress till Sept 3rd. I knew it will be slow because he told me he is booked and I didn't have any reserved time but told me he can come on weekends and finish my work. I did not ask him to come on weekends or force him to do so, and it wasn't a favor, he wanted the project and money and I was okay with him working on my project on weekends. He also asked me multiple times to move tiles to the bathroom to speed up the process and I helped him. I also helped him with buying materials, mortars, etc.

On Sept 3rd, I asked him if he is busy with other clients I can ask another person to finish my tiling project and I can't wait longer as it seems he cannot come on all weekends and keep up his promise.

He told me he can finish my project by Sept 19th and I said I'll be away on vacation from Sept 9th till Sept 19th and you can go to my house and finish the job and provided the access code to my house to him. I also move few tile boxes to the bathroom to speed up the process (he asked me).

On Sept 17th, two days before his deadline, he messaged me that your car is on my way and it slows me down with a weird aggressive tone.

While my driveway is wide and my car was parked on one side and he could park his truck in front of my parking. Just a funny reason to move to another job I guess. I have heard from him canceling another jobs midways for some reasons, but I didn't know this will happen to me, as I was coordinating with him as much as I could.

He messaged me that he cannot work and he is going to work at a school (which is another contract I guess). And simply told me he cannot finish the job by Sept 19th. So to me he cannot keep up to his word and he just wanted to drag me along the way.

I'm upset because I asked him on Sept 3rd that if you can't finish my project I can give it to someone else as I can't wait any longer but he promised me that he can finish it before Sept 19th to just keep the job. That's why to me he is not reliable, cannot keep his deadline and priorities other bigger works over smaller works.

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Company Response

Thank you for your review Amin however you should mentioned that i booked you first for one month. to demo and install your kitchen floor and two bathrooms shower walls and floor tiles. thats way more than enough time no problem!

then after few conversations about tiling with me , while i was tiling your entry way floor . you said " you will try tiling your washroom and then book my time if you need " correct!
then you found out , tiling is not so easy as i make it looks. you even ask me to come up and take a look and give advice ! and so I did. ( very nice! guy👍)

then tiling becomes even more complicated than you thought. and you said " ok you can demolition and tile the next washroom lol as I chuckled and reply no prob 😉. by that time ! time was already out the window. then I said "make sure you have that shower ready because this won't ready with the time booked remaining! before I even start it. also show you how far! back I was booked. and you said " I'll work with your schedule. right!

also no reviews,pictures for the previous projects you mentioned i did?
still zero ?

" 0 NOT RELIABLE " thats why he even works on the weekeds! the weekends he should be spending with his family . instead he's trying to make our place nicer :) rightly! "NOT RELIABLE 0 "
I'm truly sorry you feel this way Amin. Amir reviews was a 10🏅 go read what he says !

and as always "work of art from the heart ❤️

Bailey's Tile and Masonry  promises to provide excellent customer service as well as professional craftsmanship to clients in custom and commercial Tiling & Masonry.
every time booked is because the project will be completed a day before or day of. unless for a reason/delayed! not by Bailey's Tiles and Masonry .

best regards

437 241-3417.