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Saira in Toronto
Saira in Toronto
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Communication challenges

I needed a company to come in and assess mould growth in my tenanted house. When I spoke with Garry on the phone for a quote, he was pleasant and reassuring. He told me all about the spray that his company uses that penetrates up to 1" into drywall to kill mould. I explained and expressed that I was looking for someone to come and assess the situation, suggest treatment options and then give follow up instructions on how to prevent and manage the mould growth.
We made an appointment for a few days from our first talk. Garry was responsive via text up until this point. On the day of our appointment, Garry sent Maverick, another employee to come to the house. Maverick showed up ready to spray the house without doing an inspection which I was unhappy with. I took him around the house and showed him every corner and had him inspect. Maverick was also very pleasant but kept deferring to his boss and said he couldn't tell me much more. Kind of frustrating because I was looking for someone to tell me what they saw and help me diagnose the problem. Maverick told me that he didn't see much or any mould at all but he had to confirm with Garry. I was very confused how he was going to do this without Garry being present. Regardless, I agreed to do the spray treatment. It's a small 2 bed bungalow house with a tiny basement. I paid for the treatment.

It was after this that the wheels fell off the bus. I called Garry immediately after the treatment and was very explicit that I was looking for a diagnosis and treatment plan for this issue. He said he would get back to me asap. I had to call, text and email him several times until he finally sent me an email two weeks later that had instructions that were INCORRECT. The opening statement of the email said they found coloured furry mould on the surfaces of walls, ceilings and floors. I was with Maverick when he did the inspection, not once did he ever say this nor did we discuss finding this!! I was shocked! I called Garry immediately and asked him to explain this! It took him a few days again to get back to me and he then told me his "secretary" wrote the wrong thing.... It took me another 2 weeks to get Garry to write me a new letter with assessment/treatment plan. It was incorrect again. In the instructions it said to "run a HUMIDIFIER".. No, you don't run a Humidifier!

I have expressed to Garry how disappointed I am in his service. It seems all he was interested in was coming in to the house to spray the chemical and get his cheque. The mould seems to have resolved however I still don't have a clear diagnosis of what the issue is. I have had to repeatedly ask him by offering him options " do you think its excess humidity? Is it foundational? what do you think?" I don't expect that I should have to lead a professional through this kind of discussion.

He has not responded to my last 3 emails. I have been professional and clear about my expectations and he told me he could meet them but he did not, not at all.

I cannot recommend this company.

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Company Response

Dear Saira, firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback, and let you know we value your business. On the bright side in the initial stage like you stated, we are happy that you thought I was pleasant, reassuring and that the mould seems to be gone. As a company I can say we don’t always get it perfect, but we try our best to get it right and get the job done with the highest level of expertise and professionalism. We thought we provided all that you requested and for that we regret that you were not satisfied. As way of improving during one our company’s weekly meeting we went over you review and discuss ways we can improve. I would like to extend an opportunity to you to reach out to me personally to discuss the issue further and we would welcome any recommendations you may have.