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Deja in Toronto
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Horrible Service

I have a story here as to why you should not bring your phone to get fixed here at this location. It’s a long story but worth your while to save you time and money to avoid headaches caused by this store.

I came to this store to fix my water damaged phone. After about 2 days, they called me to let me know they had gotten the phone working, they just needed me to come in and enter my iCloud password. The phone had been restored during the repair, so I had to set up my Face ID, which somehow wasn't working anymore. I took it back to the store the next day, the tech advised me that he would have a look at it and let me know if it could be fixed or not.

I let him know that I would be leaving for vacation is 3 days and would need the phone back by then. On the third day, I received a call letting me know that it would take an additional 5-7 days for the phone to be repaired. I did think that was a bit excessive so I told him I would pick up my phone and bring it back after my vacation. He told me “That's fine, bring it back whenever you have the time.”

Being back from my vacation, I noticed that my camera and flashlight would work intermittently. I assumed that maybe it was just a loose connection in my phone. Sometime after, I went to go charge my phone after it died, only to find a big green line run vertically through my screen. I was surprised since my phone was literally sitting on my bed; it didn’t drop or face any sort of physical impact.

I decided to take my phone to another place for as Dr. Digital seems to have long turnaround times. I explained to this other repair location of the issues I was having with my cameras and the screen. They opened up my phone, and showed me that the bracket/shield, that holds all my connectors in place, was missing, leaving small pieces to move around inside my phone. This caused the LCD of my phone to damage from the inside. The tech at this new place also told me that my original Apple battery has been switched. My phone has never been opened or repaired since I’ve had it, other than being at Dr. Digital. I was advised to bring my phone back to Dr. Digital since the issues I was experiencing is from the poor repair I got at Dr. digital.

I went back to Dr. Digital and spoke with the original technician who worked on my phone. I TRIED to tell him what was going on, but he would cut me off and response aggressively. He told me that he didn’t place all my pieces back on my phone since I had intentions of coming back after my vacation. Personally, I feel like this is ridiculous. Regardless if I was coming back or not, all original parts should be put back exactly where they came from. The technician began to yell, telling me that I MUST HAVE dropped my phone, causing the screen to break. I’ve tried to explain, multiple times that the phone did not drop, there is no dent or scratch ANYWHERE near where the LCD was broken. I asked what was going to be done, since clearly this was not my fault. He said to bring my phone back in 2 days and he’ll look into it.

After this altercation, I’ve made my way back to this location FOUR TIMES, only to find them close at around 6:30PM, when their store hours indicate that they don’t close until 7PM. I work until 5PM, so 6:30 was the earliest I could arrive at this store. I decided to take a day off at work, just so I could get to this store early enough in the day.

When I arrive, I spoke with a very nice lady who was very apologetic and understanding. She informed me that the technician I’ve been dealing with wasn’t in that day, but she would reach out to him during his next shift and have a look at my phone.

The next day, the lady called me to let me know that the technician looked at my phone, and said the damage was caused because the battery was replaced. I was confused because I never requested to have my battery replaced, and only had my phone fixed at Dr. Digital, which was for water damage. All of these issues that happened AFTER the repair, came up after the technician worked on my phone.

After this whole hassle of running back and fourth just to get my phone fixed, the technician refused to fix my phone.

I’ve reached out to corporate and also filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

This specific tech who worked on my phone was obnoxiously rude and very unprofessional as he made me feel belittled for something I clearly did not do. I was never formally told of any potential damage that could occur after the repair.

If you are looking for good customer service, a store that is open during their listed hours, someone who takes the time to put all the pieces back together in your phone, GO ELSEWHERE!!!

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Company Response

You brought a seriously water damaged iPhone X to us. We told you there was no guarantee with water damage, but we were able to get it back to you in mostly working order. Only FaceID wasn't working when we initially returned the phone to you. We did try to repair the FaceID for you when you brought the phone back to the store the second time. Any water damage repair takes time, this one was especially challenging, but we still spent days attempting to fix it.

You were told to bring the phone back to us when you returned from vacation so we could properly reassemble the brackets. You chose to return to the store a little over a month later (initial repair was August 15th, you came back September 19th). That being said, under no circumstances would a few missing internal brackets cause damage to your phone. There are no small pieces rolling around the inside of your phone, the cables don't magically disconnect and snap like a rubber band causing damage...it just isn't possible.

Any problem with your forward facing camera and flashlight is related to the initial water damage. They are both located in the same area of the phone (top of the phone where the FaceID sensor is located), the same area that sustained the majority of the water damage.

When you came back to the store with your phone, there was a line going from the top to the bottom of the screen in one area. We looked at your phone and could quite clearly see and feel a crack at the bottom of your phone, above the charging port, right where the line ends. If you are still stuck on believing that the brackets are the cause of all your issues, the missing brackets were located at the top of your phone...not the bottom where the phone is cracked. Also, again, you can FEEL the crack on the outside...on the LCD.

Regarding the battery, we did not replace the battery. Full stop. End of Story. The battery was not replaced at Dr. Digital. We did not steal your battery, we are not thieves. We have cameras everywhere and can prove with HD video footage that the battery was not replaced in your phone.

Your phone was damaged again. The LCD was broken. It is not the fault of Dr. Digital that your phone sustained additional damage over a month after the initial repair.

If you would like to continue this discussion, please call the store at 416-554-8176 and we will happily give you our lawyer's number.