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ahmad from Mississauga
ahmad from Mississauga
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I ordered from NORDIK Windows and Doors , front door replacement of my house including top window with arch. The sales man (Cris Thorne) was very anxious to get deal done and he was after me for couple of days while we were checking other companies. I singed the contract in October 2020 and I was promised that the product is made in Canada including manufacturing is done here in Ontario and the replacement will be done in Early sprint of 2021 the latest.
There was only one email I received in Feb explaining that things are late due to COVID019 and will be provided updates soon. No news after that and I started chasing Cris by texting it. Finally, I got call from Nordik office on May 21 that still things are late and will be provided update soon. On June 02, 2021 I got call again (Annette) that my front door top window will be replaced on Jun 24. I asked that it cannot be done as Window and Door has to be replaced at the same time as the current door is smaller and window is taller and new installation, the door will be taller and window will be smaller (Difference in sizes). I text again to Cris and asked him that there is issue on office side they are not aware of the fact that the installation has to be done for both (window and Door) as the same time. Cris promised that he sorted out everything and installation will be done at the same time he emailed details to Annette). Finally, on June 22, I got email confirmation that the installation will be done June 24.
Today, June 24, we followed the instructions early in the morning to move stuff around, removed the bell button from the front door’s frame, removed the safety lock from inside the front door, covered up all furniture and closed living and drawing rooms with plastic so, during replacement the dirt and dust should not get on the furniture. We were waiting for the installation crew, suddenly, I receive email from Annette) in response of my old email and she was asking my name, address and phone number to check the installation information. I replied with the information and said that we are waiting for installation crew as the installation is being done today. Annette, calls me at 8:45am that today only window will be installed and the door will be in next week. I was very upset and asked her to explain me how installation will be done while coming window is smaller than the current one? Will she be able to send some curtain to put on to fill the gap till next week? She innocently tries to ask me if it is that the case, the window cannot be installed alone first?
I am very update with this company:
1. Not meeting their schedule and hard to communication
2. No one knows who is in charge and what to do there
3. I am suspecting I was given incorrect information; they are bringing everything from China and it is not made in Canada product and they do not make things here in Canada
4. I hope they will compensate for their mistake and reduce the price of the door and window considerably by causing time waist and causing us to all preparation and wait for another week or God knows when they will be ready if they will be
5. I will not recommend anyone to go through the same what we have been now for almost 6 month….. Again not MADE IN CANADA

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Company Response

Hi Ahmad, I am sorry to hear that you are having these issue. We tried to locate your file without success, Please give us a call at : 416-332-2585