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Brian in Toronto
Brian in Toronto
1 review Toronto, ON

Our Experience- you decide

Here is a timeline of facts for this review on an electric furnace -
A/C installation by Green Approved Solutions

Green Approved Solutions was chosen from 3 companies RFQ

Jason quoted on two devices, one of which brand we knew

Short time after signing Jason informed us the unit we knew of couldn't do
what we needed. we went with the alternate (this was the first of the
many "I'm sorry" from Jason)

Installation day: GAS showed up with an, apparently. "repackaged" device
that would not function. a new device was ordered for installation the
following week

GAS returned with new device. Installer spent much of his time talking on his cell
to someone about the electrical hookup. After most of he day had passed
the installer abruptly left with no explanation. Jason called to say the
installer was not confident about doing the electrical hookup and that
another person (on another day) would come and do it.

2nd installer came and began installing to the existing duct work and
run electrical.

After some hours the system was 'ready' to be tested. Installer started
the A/C. Nothing came from the vents. I discovered the air was blowing
out of the return vent. I asked if this was a polarity issue with the
fan ..."Yeah something like that" said the installer.

More time passed and it was declared that the unit was ready again...I
was asked if I noticed any difference about the units install (I didn't. not
being a furnace pro) NOTE: later to realize that the unit was turned
180 and the back of the unit was facing outwards. A/C hoses exposed.

Tested the heating function next now that air was flowing through the
normal vents.

Heat flowed through the vents. But, it also began overheating the
electrical line connected to the unit

Installer said he'd have to come back another day to re-do the wiring so
as to "not burn your house down"

He did, unit operates, wiring does not overheat and we are using it now,
but checking the wiring.
Called/emailed company to detail this experience to owners. No one responded

This was our experience with Green Approved Solutions. Will update as events unfold

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Company Response

Thank you for your feedback . Although our goal is for every installion to go 100% smooth, there are some occasions where exterior factors come into the mix. Your install was including lots of custom factors to convert an oil to full electrical variable furnace and AC.

We had to run back to the manufacturer because they sent a scratched electric furnace that we didnt think was acceptable to install. Unfortunately due to the rarity of the furnace requested from the manufacturer this replacement was beyond our control. There was a wait period of almost a week! We are happy that everything is operating perfectly now and remember if there is anything you need our work is 24/7 guaranteed