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Dan in Toronto
Dan in Toronto
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Insurance repair

After 24 years without a problem, this April we had flooding in our basement living space. We contacted our insurance who recommended Onside for the repair. After waiting until the frost was gone we were able to fortify the foundation and schedule the repairs. Onside scheduled their people to come in after the repairs were done. After the repair job was complete and while the contents were being returned to the house, a family heirloom was broken, that was June 1st and its August now but we have still not been reimbursed for the damages. The item was broken because it wasnt handled properly, thats negligence and it never should have happened. It was handled poorly and it was broken, gone forever and theres nothing anyone can do now to bring it back. You would think Onside would want to make the best of a situation like that but it doesnt seem to be a priority. Onside have irretrievably damaged our property and given the resolution the lowest priority possible. I expect their suppliers get paid in a reasonable amount of time but a customer who has already been traumatized by the damage cause by flood now has to endure the loss of a precious family heirloom and be made to wait a ridiculous amount of time . Its cruel and insensitive not to mention the additional stress and anxiety not knowing when if ever Onside will provide their promised resolution.
The workers who mis-handled the item were very apologetic and sympathetic which was appreciated but that only felt better for about 5 minutes. On June 1st we were told the item would be taken away to be appraised and we would be reimbursed for its value. A few weeks and many follow up phone calls later we were told they were waiting for multiple appraisals. They callously offered us $90 so we commissioned our own appraisal based on pictures of the broken article. It was appraised with an insurance value in excess of $1,500 USD. At one point we were told it was out of the hands of the people we had been talking to and they told us to call the Operations Manager who sent us right back to the people we started with. At this point it became clear that no one was really dealing with this at all. More phone calls and more sympathetic promises and then it was July. At this time (after a month) Onside disclosed that they actually had no other appraisals and would honor the one we had paid for. We escalated to the territory manager who assured us the project manager would take care of it. Onside then asked for a release so they could process the claim, so we signed their release and a few more weeks passed by. We kept calling and were told its being processed and all the approvals were in place. We should see payment in next week or two. Now its August but still no sign of any resolution. The people were able to talk to say they dont have visibility into where the process has stopped but assure us it will be resolved soon. Tree weeks ago they said it would be done in two weeks but still nothing.
This family heirloom was the only thing we had left from the generations past, it can never be replaced and although management staff are externally kind, polite and seemingly helpful the reality is that nothing is being done to provide closure. The Project managers can be hard to reach and didnt communicate well throughout the project. To this day they still say they cant tell us when the claim will be processed (but rest assured it is in the works). How hard would it be to call the right people and push the process along. This is a failure from the top down. The operations manager should be interested enough to take notice and make sure the loop gets closed. The territory manager should know enough about the business to find the person thats holding up the claim and ask them to move it along. Instead no one is taking responsibility and we are left dangling. Congratulations Onside you have made us feel like were invisible and dont matter. Compensating a customer for damage to customer property caused by your people should be a number one priority. If you want happy customers and isnt that what you want when youre in business?
While Onside did complete the repairs, they score a big fat zero when it comes to customer service. Unreachable project managers whose voicemails advise you to call someone else who is even less accessible. So you call the head office they promise you someone will call you back, then when you do get a call back, more promises are made and not kept requiring more phone calls. Wash rinse repeat

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Company Response

Update - Aug 31: Risa, we are very sorry that you and Daniel experienced flooding in your basement, requiring our services in April. Property damage creates a very stressful time for families. We know, our employees encounter this every day. During these times, we try our very best to work efficiently to return homes back to normal, as quickly as possible, while being kind and empathetic to families impacted by these tragedies. During work in your home, an employee broke a family heirloom which was very special to you. We understand they immediately apologized and they felt terrible for this accident. We understand that a cheque to reimburse this damage has now been received and we thank you for your patience. This will not bring back your family heirloom, but we hope it will in some way make amends for the loss of this broken item. Our administrative process has steps that take time to process payments and cheques. We apologize the time it has taken and additional stress that it has put on you and Daniel. Feedback that you have provided can help bring change, and we hope that it can lead to greater efficiency in our operations at On Side Restoration. We understand our Territory Manager Chris has been in contact with you throughout this process, and he will continue to do so as needed. Please know, that if you have additional concerns you would like to share, our Quality Assurance team monitors and investigates feedback sent their way. They can be reached by email at qualityassurance@onside.ca.
Original response: Hi Daniel. We're very sorry to hear that a family heirloom was broken during work. Words likely can't describe the feeling when an item, passed down from generations, is lost. We understand your Territory Manager Chris Sawicz has been in contact with you. We have forwarded your earlier direct message to him, your Project Manager, our Quality Assurance team, and members of our Senior Leadership team. We have asked each to lend support where they can, to bring this to a resolution for you. In the meantime, contact with Chris is best. If you have additional concerns you would like to share, our Quality Assurance team monitors and investigates feedback sent their way. They can be reached by email at qualityassurance@onside.ca