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Defective Glass and Substandard Service

Horrible experience with Peak Glass. NOT RECOMMENDED. There were lots of promises from Peak Glass at the beginning, but the end result was a complete failure to deliver on their promises and properly install acceptable glass. The glass they installed wasn't the correct glass and it has numerous distortions, streaking marks, tar residue and other deficiencies. In addition to the defective glass, they damaged new frames 14 times during the installation! Either they didn't know what they were doing or they didn't care. When I raised my concerns with Tyler, all I got was a runaround, constant denials and poor customer care. This was my first time using a Homestars recommended contractor and it was awful.


1. I ordered reflective glass and paid extra to have Tyler come to the site to see the glass that I wanted and the doors that the glass was to be installed in. The glass delivered is full of defects and isn't what I ordered. I know it isn't what I ordered because I have to go to the extra effort of obtaining a sample from another glass company and it matches what I wanted: it is reflective and provides privacy. The glass provided by Peak Glass, for which I paid a premium, is not properly reflective (it is just tinted) and I have had to install curtains because the glass provides no privacy.

2. Despite my concerns about the defective glass, Tyler never once came out to look at the defective glass. All the reports provided were part of the runaround and never related specifically to the glass delivered. When I asked them to test the glass to confirm it was within standards they said "NO".

3. I was never offered a full refund. I was offered a refund of the glass from the supplier and nothing from Peak Glass for their markup and their installation charges.

4. The new aluminum frames are marked in 14 places because Peak Glass continually hit the new frames with a hard object. They then claimed it was so difficult to install even though Tyler said they could handle the installation "no problem". I have 65' of the same aluminum frames with only one installation mark by other installers. Peak Glass: 14 marks for less than 12'. I took photos of the damage with a light on the doors because there is currently no lighting installed in the area in question. Peak Glass then tries to use this as an excuse that their damage is within standards. Shameful. I have been offered no compensation from Peak Glass for the damage to the expensive door frames. Their response has been as follows: the door manufacturer won't fix it for us and we can't fix it without causing more damage. Solution: do nothing and offer zero compensation.

5. Since I confirmed two months ago that they didn't provide the correct glass, on top of the incorrect glass being defective, I have received no response from Peak Glass. Nothing. Complete silence from Peak Glass when I said I wanted a full refund.

Based on my experience, the Peak Glass approach to customer service when they get it wrong is as follows: deny, deny and deny until the customer gives up.

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Company Response

Daniel, it is unfortunate you feel that way. After many months of correspondence, it is clear we cannot come to an amicable resolution.
After initial conversations at the beginning of your project, it was clear you had concerns regarding the glass and tempering process. We provided as much information as possible on the industry standards, which clearly states “image distortion is inherent to some degree in all heat-treated glass. Iridescence (strain pattern) is inherent in heat-treated glass; under certain lighting conditions or at certain angles, it is more pronounced”. Since this was of great concern to you, we even extended a direct line to our glass manufacturers for further specifications.
To date, we have provided you with all the requested reports regarding the make-up and production of your glass, all of which prove to be above industry standards. In good faith, because you were unhappy with the glass, you were offered a full refund upon return of product. However, since you rejected the offer multiple times and chose to keep the “defective glass” a refund is no longer viable.
We also offered to replace the door stop that was marked during installation, again still within industry standard guidelines according the aluminium manufacturers (shining floodlights directly on the doors to see imperfections does not fall within normal standards) however, once more that was not to your satisfaction. After many conversations and the time spent by all the suppliers involved on this project, resolving your issues appears to be futile.

Addressing your misleading statement;
At the initial time of measure, samples were brought to site to get the closest match possible to your existing glass. The bronze reflective sample was chosen which is exactly what our manufacturers produced, along with reports having all the relevant information pertaining to your order. Furthermore, we were limited with suppliers we could source from since you had already had previous issues with other main glass suppliers.
When you raised concern with the “marks” on the glass and frame, we had technicians onsite within days. Pictures taken both from yourself and our techs were sent to the suppliers, they cross referenced their quality control reports and manufacturing logs for every step of the process, all results showed passes. You had multiple conversations with our sales reps regarding said industry standards.
When you asked to have the glass roller wave tested it was explained that the machines work horizontally, not vertically, so in order to do this the glass would have to be uninstalled, tested, then re-installed which would likely cause more marks to the door frame. This testing is not something that we can perform and therefore needs to be conducted by the manufacturers as they have the required instruments/testing devises. Because they deemed there was no reason to proceed with the tests, you were instead offered a refund upon return of the glass, which you then rejected.
From November 2018 to now we have been dealing with these increasing accusations, so when you threaten legal action, the conversation is finished on our end. We will not engage in any further back and forth online.