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Leaky Shower

Terrible service.

I have a leaky shower. They sent in 2 guys to fix it. the guys were courteous but obviously didnt know what they were doing. they fiddled with the handle for 10 minutes then told me that it was fixed.
When the shower started dripping in a few minutes they told me they will need to order new parts for the shower.
They called the office and told me that I needed to pay 200 dollars for the minimum charge.

NOTHING WAS FIXED. they were in my house for less then 15 minutes. They spent the next hour sitting outside in the van talking to the manager.

The manager spoke with me and told me that their van has a GPS that tracks how long the guys are here for. Did that GPS tell them that they spent an hour in the van?

A screw fell off the handle and they did not even blink. They told me "it is for holding the handle in place" I asked them to put it back in and the reply was "we cant"

so now I have a leaky shower AND a broken handle and I am out 200 dollars.

I am really really upset with this service. I understand paying the minimum charge, but not if you are in a worse off position! I've paid plenty of service people for a full amount for a job that only lasted a few minutes - but things were fixed. NOT BROKEN.

I got their ad from kijiji. The lady I spoke with had no issued booking me in for a laky shower. Then the plumber told me that they did mostly drains and just got into the "plumbing" if you cannot do the job please don't accept it.

I would not recommend them.

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Company Response

I remember this call and all the work that went into it. I dispatched a crew out to troubleshoot the problem with her shower, one of the technicians was a certified plumber and the other was training with him. When they discovered what the problem was they needed parts in order to complete the repair. The technicians called all of our suppliers looking for these parts but none of them carried the brand needed. The technicians then called me back and gave me the brand information. I then proceeded to research where we could obtain the parts, this took me well over an hour, which was not charged to her. Once I was able to find the parts I had ordered them for the customer and called her to inform her that they will be shipped to her house and she will be responsible to pay for them so that I wouldn't have to put any upsale charges on the materials. I explained our minimum service charges for coming out that day but also explained that when the parts came in she should call us back to complete the repair and I would deduct any unused time from this call from the follow up call. I never heard back. I am sorry that she feels this way. I know that we went above and beyond for her to find these parts because I personally took a lot of time out of my day to do this, and without thanks. I think this rating is unfair and the review doesn't showcase what really went into it.