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David from Markham
David from Markham
2 reviews Markham, ON

Got ripped off

We agreed on a price for tree removal. Paid a deposit. In January 2020, Kevin says they need a crane to do the job and would get back to me. In April 2020, I sent an e-mail to touch base since I had not heard anything for so long. No response, so, I sent a message through HomeStars on April 28, 2020. Still no response so I sent another message through HomeStars on May 10, 2020. Wrote this review on May 13, 2020 as it doesn't look like he will be responding.

I've been quite patient and waited a month, giving him the benefit of the doubt to reply. I thought everything was fine considering Warriors has a high rating on HomeStars. Obviously I'll be more careful next time and not pay until the job is done.

Updated on June 26, 2020:
Dan, perhaps you can clarify where it is that my integrity, honesty and facts are questionable? After all, everything I wrote in my review was precisely what happened.

So you think the bits you did was worth every penny? Well, had I known you wouldn't complete the project, I certainly wouldn't have hired you just to submit for a permit or get an arborist report (which did absolutely nothing, but I won't bother getting into that). 

Bottom line is this could have all been avoided had you bothered to spend one minute and send a simple reply. Instead, you chose to ignore all contact attempts for an entire month and now the permit is about to expire. Instead of addressing the problem, you're trying to justify the deposit as though I should be happy I got what it was worth - despite the fact I hired you to remove a tree.

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Company Response

With all due respect David you paid for the permit issued by the city and for an arborist report both of which you received in a timely manner. My partner Kevin and I attended your property did the pruning work as agreed and did started removal of the tree as agreed. We discussed our concerns over safety with you after the first day onsite. You are not out a single penny nor have you been ripped off as you clam!!! I'm sorry you feel this way but I do understand your frustration over the length of time you have had to wait, due to the unsafe tree ( with we were going to hire a crane in for at no extra charge to you!! ) and global pandemic both I might add out of our control. I respect your right to express your opinion as to our service but it is my opinion that you should do so with more integrity and honesty and perhaps facts.

if you wish to discuss further my name is Dan Perkins owner of Warriors at 6479388733