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Savio from Oakville
Savio from Oakville
4 reviews Oakville, ON

Book Shelves

I purchased and paid 50% for a bookshelf to be installed around my fireplace on Feb 13'th. After receiving an initial install date of Mar 6'th, the installers finally showed up Mar 20'th (>1 month from order date). Anyway, like many of the posters on this site, the installer could not finish the job on the same day because the designer took wrong measurements or the manufacturing people cut wrong sizes (and here begins the finger pointing within their organization) ... and that was only the beginning of the issues.
Upon further review of the incomplete job, I noticed basic fundamental design flaws that I brought to the notice of Wendy with the help of pictures. These issues were:
1). The baseboard design of the bookshelf did not match the existing baseboard of the room.
2). The baseboard height of the bookshelf did not match the existing baseboard of the room.
3). The half installed closet did not sit flush against the wall.

Points 1 and 2 were specifically discussed during the design stage where the designer confirmed the bookshelf will flow with rest of the room to look as though it was built in from the start. The pictures clearly show otherwise, however during discussions with Brenda and Cathy (head of Installation), I was made to feel that I was not being honest about my discussions with the designer. Point 3 was dismissed as "clearly mentioned in the contract as uncontrollable circumstances that CBD cannot be liable for". (I reluctantly succumbed although a little caulking to show the gaps closed would have made this customer happy).
The process from making my claims with first Wendy - who didn't even know who I was 1 week after filing my claim, to Brenda - who was arrogant and provided 100% customer dissatisfaction, to Cathy (head of installation) - who is trained to say "no" to the customer was a completely frustrating experience and should not happen to any paying client.
After numerous calls (some un-returned) Cathy finally agreed to install baseboards if I provided them, because CBD "cannot source from the thousands of designs available" (my baseboard is a standard homedepot stock). This ofcourse, was without credit of their unused baseboards or other materials that were not used due to unforseen circumstances (crown moulding).
On Apr 7'th (a full 7 weeks after placing the order) Alex finally finished the job AND HE IS THE ONLY reason of me rating a 1 star as he addressed all my concerns and did not leave until I was completely happy with the outcome.
Don't use this company for the people in it clearly don't understand customer satisfaction nor care about repeat customers.

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Company Response

Hi there, we are sorry to hear about your bad experience. We're normally known for our exceptional attention to detail, and we regret that we missed that mark. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact our Sales Manager, Christina at 416-742-3197.