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Cindy from Edmonton
Cindy from Edmonton
2 reviews Edmonton, AB

Thank you for

JTL was my first security system installed in my new home (at that time) and they will also be the last. I likely was not thinking when I switched from JTL to another security company, who came by door-to-door. This salesman made it sound great - upgraded panels/interface, and throwing in some features and just like that, I switched over in one evening! At first, the thought of trying something new with many upgrades was cool, but when it all sets in, it was not the best choice I made that night. You get pressured to commit without thorough thinking when it comes to these door-to-door situations (which I think that is their tactics). Also, I didn't receive a copy of my contract/welcome package and you feel as though you have to ask for your own things when all these documents/information should have been provided in the beginning...it made me distrust the company and not feel the security I needed. I was stressed over the switch until I had a good talk with Dolby. He brought sense back to myself and now I am fully committed to JTL. Dolby was very understanding of the situation and he knows how things like this happens. He will always want is best for his clients in both safety and to feel confidence in their home and with the systems being used. That same evening I spoke to Dolby, I cancelled the other security company asap and had them retrieve their equipments. I arranged with Dolby to reinstall their equipment back in, and with a few upgrades, and I felt the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Bob, the technician, was great as always. He installed the equipment with ease and resolved minor issues without stress. He ensured all the equipments were working as a whole system and without much mess. He also provided step by step information of how to use the panel, ensure things were up on my end such as the app and online, and answered all my questions. Although it took a while for everything, nothing seemed painful because Bob was pleasant to talk to and he had a fabulous sense of humor. Due to my experience with both Dolby and Bob (my second time around), it feels you develop a sense of bond and trust - being valued as a client but also, as a individual that mattered to them. They are top notch and amazing, and I do highly recommend them when it comes to your own safety (and not just the cool gadgets you'll get for your home.) They are there for your life and security and so far, I know you can definitely entrust them to make things right for you and your loved ones, without pressure. Thank you so much Dolby, Bob and the rest of the JTL team. I am happy to be a part of the JTL family again. I feel very secure to know that my loved ones and I are getting the protection and safety we need.

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Company Response

Hi Cindy, jtl team appreciate that you could spend time and share your happy experience here. we all understand security industry has been changing a lot and sometimes it is hard for any of our clients to make the right decision. we can not make everyone happy, but keeping up with new technologies, educating our client to take advantage of any values we deliver and responding quick enough for any concerns or requests are our team's every day effort.
it has been definitely a pleasant experience to be able to see you back. we are always there for you.