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Maria in Burlington
Maria in Burlington
5 reviews Burlington, ON

Bathtub refinishing

On May 26, Ryan and Phil refinished our bathtub and replaced the drain, supplied by us. The job was done quickly, and the new finish looks shiny, apart from some inclusions that look and feel like sharp thorns when one sits in the tub. There aren't many, but they are sharp. I saw some of these inclusions immediately after the job was done, but was told that they ould settle during the drying process. They didn't. I phoned Ryan and asked him to fix this problem (I have grandchildren whose young skin gets scratched from these sharp inclusions). I was told to wet-sand them out myself, and Ryan would come one day to polish over my sanding, if he happened to be in the area. I have never heard fom the company again, and I certainly don't feel confident to sand the surface myself. The finish, apart from the inclusions is good, the technicians were friendly and worked fast, follow-up is non-existent. Pity!

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Company Response

Hi Maria, thank you for your review. As explained to you over the phone when you called, a small particle here and there is unavoidable because we are not spraying in a controlled environment like a spray booth. In the care instructions provided it also explains that the coating takes 3 months to reach full cure and that any particle should work out of the coating within this time. You ve called once about the issue after the job was completed and never called again until this review. You never gave us the opportunity to come back and buff the tub. You have not attempted to contact us by phone or email. If you would like to contact us about this issue we would be more then happy to come and buff the tub for you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

Update August 1st 2017
Since we have received this review from Maria, we have attempted to reach out to her via email and phone to set up a time to buff and polish her tub. She has not responded to us. We are very confused as to why she would not want her tub buffed when she is claiming these inclusions are sharp. We are more than happy to return to buff your tub at no cost to you Maria. The buffing will make it perfectly smooth with no inclusions. As we stated before, all refinishing work, no matter who completes the job, will have minor dust particles, as we are not spraying in a booth. We absolutely stand behind our jobs and do not run away from customers when there is an issue. If you would like your tub buffed please respond to our email or return our phone call and we will setup a time to complete the buffing.