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NBarnes in Scarborough
NBarnes in Scarborough
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New Home Build & Purchase

Purchased the home in August 2019.
Obvious rush by builder to finish house. Shortcuts everywhere.
Little to no follow-up on warranty claims. I have very detailed text and email trails to validate. Had gas turned off twice during the winter due to safety violations (not revealed as part of the close and or subsequent warranty requests) which were ignored. Seek specific protections & penalties if buying from this builder. Happy to provide additional detail.

08/30/2020 - While I appreciate the response from Norseman, the details are factually incorrect. The developer and the owner of Norseman are the same person. We have emails between the lawyers at time of sale that confirm that detail. Happy to post if you would like? I also did email this person with no response. It was directed through the COO of Norseman at the time.

As for the gas, again, not true. The bill was moved in to our name on the date of sale. I have the red tags from Enbridge from pre-sale, post-sale and 2nd follow-up. I have three months of written correspondence between myself and Norseman asking for solutions that were promised and not delivered. Happy to post if requested.

"This person wanted more for free, we denied to work for them."
That is a slanderous claim which I'd appreciate further confirmation on. Please share those details.

I'm also aware that this review was flagged by Norseman to HomeStars.
This post was removed and then reinstated by Homestars based on the detail I provided. Again, we tried to resolve this directly and were rebuffed. I'll let the facts speak for themselves here but if I was able to show Homestars the detail to have the post reinstated, stands to reason that the information I'm providing is correct.

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Company Response

You have given the wrong company your review. Norseman construction did not build and/or sell the home to you. Norseman Construction is a renovation company and does not sell houses. Norseman’s client, a development company, who hired Norseman to build the home, did so and sold it to you as is.(the corperation which this property was papered, was aquired as payment for work which the development company could not cover, due to the thier financial situation, the building was sold in an as is state, controled by the owner of Norseman, not as a Norseman Home, the fact that the name on the corperation is in a different name is incosiquential) If you had reached out to anyone in our firm instead of doing things this way I am sure you could have been informed.

You had 4 items that were on the houses warranty from Norseman which were attended to and completed.
The fact that you wanted more from Norseman without paying for the service is the reason why you are upset. The developer of whom sold you the property is the contact you should be discussing your situation with. We are happy to post the emails of confirmation of completion.

Regarding the gas, upon purchase, the gas of your new location should have been put into your name. The unpaid bill and the final inspection letter, which was delivered to your property as notice, was not relayed to anyone. Therefore, your gas was shut off. If you had called anyone, I am sure it would have been taken care of.

As far as your direction to Norseman COO, this person was no longer in employ with our firm at some point after the sale of this property. However any of our staff would have been happy to help if any of your concerns were valid, or you tried to contact our office which is open 9-5pm Monday to Friday. We are sorry you feel the way you do, however you are living in a very nice house which you I am sure got a good deal for, it was sold for solely to cover the value owed to our firm for work completed to the developer. You were offered a strict warranty (for this reason) under only the items that you asked for and they were repaired and covered. If this was a Norseman home you would have had a full 2 year warranty with us, as this is standard that we offer this for every renovation.

I reiterate this, for all who are reading this, we did not get hired by this person. We did not get contracted to do any work for this person. The items were completed from the contract with the Developer and for the sale from the developer. This person wanted more for free, we denied to work for them.

This property was completed with such a good design that it has won awards and is on our website and can be found on multiple sites showcasing this home.