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C. Fredrick in Saskatoon
C. Fredrick in Saskatoon
8 reviews EDMONTON, AB

Purchase/ Installation New Furnace

I was extremely, extremely impressed by The Furnace Company.

I knew I needed to buy a new furnace and hot water tank, so I got a quote from a competitor of The Furnace Company. While that salesman did a decent job, he told me that my roof was too steep for his guys to climb, and proposed a different solution. Because of this I decided to call The Furnace Company.

The Furnace Company (or TFC because I'm being lazy) was awesome from the moment Dave, the salesman walked through the door. He told me almost exactly how big my house was (he was off by 25 sq/f), and what capacity furnace I'd need (it took the other guy a few minutes looking at charts and using a calculator to figure this out). Dave knew I didn't know much about furnaces, so he spoke on my level, going into great detail when I asked him more about something. I asked him if he had any problem with the slope of my roof, and he looked at me like I was crazy. He referred to his installers as "little mice that can scamper anywhere," and said my slope (8/12) wouldn't be a problem for them. He also said that my installation wouldn't be easy, as they had to remove the existing chimney and vent out the top, as venting out the side would cause problems for me in the winter (this is what company #1 wanted to do). It was going to cost me a little bit more, but I wanted the job done right, and company #1 wasn't able to do that.

Installation day came, and a 3-man crew showed up at 9am. They had been told it would be a difficult job, but they were ready for it. They worked throughout the day removing my old furnace and hot water tank, taking out the old chimney, putting a new smaller pipe in, and venting my new furnace. They left around 9pm (12 hours later!!), and said they'd be back the next day to finish up (don't worry, we had heat, and hot water). They worked half a day the next day. I was home the entire time, and I watched what they did. They never once complained about the job, even when I gave them ample opportunity to do so ("This is a horrible job, huh?" -"Not really, we get a tough one every week, and this is far from the worst we've had."). They ran dropsheets through the kitchen, and down into the basement so my carpets didn't get clean, and every time they went upstairs to the attic they took their shoes off. I find that's rare for tradespeople, as they like to keep their shoes on, but I watched every time - shoes off, up the stairs, shoes on. I was very impressed.

A day after the install I heard a strange sound, so I called for a service. Within a couple of hours a tech was out to check out the furnace and he quickly cleaned the plugged hose used to drain the water, and all was good. Haven't had a problem since, and the furnace has been operating quietly and efficiently.

TFC website boasts about their numerous awards for customer satisfaction, and after experiencing the service from their salesman, installers and tech, I'd have to agree, they're absolutely awesome!

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Thank you so much for the glowing review, your business means a lot to us and look forward serving you!